Best AYUSH Certification Agency in Delhi

An AYUSH Certification Agency is one that can provide you with services pertaining to AYUSH license. Metropolitan regions are filled to the brim with such infrastructures. But the trick is to find the right one that can cater to your exact need. 

AYUSH certificate registration is a requirement to start an AYUSH business in India. Considering the world is now reeling from a pandemic, starting such a business can both prove to be right and fruitful for you. However, unfortunately, the experts who can actually assist you are lacking. And those that exist, are mostly individual firms who only possess surface knowledge pertaining to the license. 

That makes it imperative that you obtain the right kind of assistance from those who deserve it. Thus, through this article, we are going to tell you the qualified of an AYUSH certificate company. We would tell you about the points that you need to keep in mind when choosing your service providers. Keep in mind that these points have been accumulated by researching the lengthy talks we have had with our clients. 

Qualities of AYUSH license consultants

There is a saying that without the right quality, you can’t maintain the sanctity of your business. The same goes for your AYUSH business and the same goes for consultants that you should ask help for. Thus, in order find out about the best experts who can provide you AYUSH license in Delhi, following are the points that you must keep in your mind:

    • Is the service provider upfront to you about the process? Only choose the experts who are upfront about the process of AYUSH License registration. The process is not at all online, but instead, it involves an offline mode. That means filing the application using pen and physically submitting it at the AYUSH ministry. 
  • Is the service provider knowledgeable about the requirement of AYUSH certificate registration? Following are the eligibility criteria of obtaining AYUSH license in Delhi or anywhere else in India:
    • The applicant should be a company
    • The manufacturing facility of the applicant should be GMP certified
    •  There should be at least two pharmacist and two experts at your facility

If the certification provider doesn’t know the above points, then he or she might be trying to swindle you of your money. 

  • Is the service provider promising to give you more than just certification services? One of the questions that we receive about AYUSH license are from people who want to sell their home-made remedies online. Sorry to say but such services aren’t covered under AYUSH. However, in effort to retain clients, certain service providers promise to provide everything from manufacturing facilities to “degrees” to them? If someone is offering you the same, you should give up on AYUSH license right away and think of other business certifications you might need. 

Other Services – LMPC Certificate


Keeping all the above points in mind, we are proud to say that we of Registrationwala are the best AYUSH certification agency in Delhi. We are upfront about the process; we possess all the knowledge pertaining to the requirements and we won’t misguide you by making you false promises. Reach out to us if you need assistance for these services. 


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