A Multifaceted Poetic Blissfulness Book Review

Book Review

A Multifaceted Poetic Blissfulness

Book Review
Book: Of Cloudless Climes (Poetry)
Author: Ravi Ranganathan
Reviewer: Cijo Joseph Chennelil

The poetry collection book titled “Of Cloudless Climes” is a work that does have multilayered elements within its framework. The book itself is divided into four categories such as poems of normal wavelength, myku(poems of miniscule pedigrees with the inclusion of profound thought processes), micro poems (the tiny versification), and ravisdom(a rare stylistic review). The main highlights of this poetic sumptuous feast are the unique way of presentation, evocative expressions, the in-depth writing stance, the philosophical renditions, the formidable positive vibes towards nature, the exploration of manifold human emotions, the ups and downs and ebbs and flow so synonymous with human relationships, the pursuance of the Muse with a full-fledged mindset and the upliftment of the heart into that universal goodness.
The cardinal characteristics so present in this poetry collection book are

(1) The Variegated Aspects of Life

The voyage into the interior is carried out to locate the seemingly spiritual vibration within its framework to consolidate the entire life in leaps and bounds. The nature so sedate does have a force multiplier in it while provoked into action. A combination of meanings is the way to arrive at an unbiased conclusion in relation to a matter here in this world. The version of the past is swept under the carpet and the new tie-ups of life are formulated to the core. Going back to the nature deed is the ultimate purpose of this eventful and hassled life. The ecocentric nature of life is to be promoted to the hilt.

(2) The Tangled Vibrancies

This life is an extension of nature and being in the whirlpool of materialism is not a solution to anything in this life. The heart does have the quest to break free into that domain of liberty. The solitary soul caught up in the midst of this constructive madness makes a fervent plea for liberation. The nostalgia for that genuine bygone era is so much sought after. The quarantined emotions sprout up with an intention to escape into the unknown. The heart is opened to many possibilities and probabilities.

(3)The Evocation of Surcharged Emotions

The nothingness takes the center of gravity of life every now and then . Nature is encircled with many absurdities of human-made modes. The elements of nature perform of their shows with absolute perfection. The permutations and combinations are here to stay after all. The unshakable is shaken and the unadulterateable is adulterated. The focus can’t be wavered by the timescale trying to make an impact. The purest emotion in this world comes out into the open to be humored and taken in. Life is mortgaged to that emotion of sharing and caring. The rollercoaster ride is on with many pitfalls on the way to overcome. The unleashed verbal onslaught doesn’t bring tangible results in terms of life.

(4) Under a Literary Spell

The gushing out of emotion does have a physical dimension to it. The enduring thoughts waylay the heart in slow degrees. The all-pervasive being is a reality lingering around. The shackled self is unshackled with ease. The engineered consensus is a matter of urgency because everything gets into illusionary realities and virtual sound bytes. The reclusive self is the modality that can change life inside out. The unlikely voice does have in it full of connotations and implications. The divisions of the social framework are recipes for chaos and turmoil. The unconscious self does have greater sway in the life of human beings. The embedded confidence must be revived to accomplish the unreachable and the unattainable.

(5) Life as a Celebrated Reality.

A new life commences within that institutional realm. The hustle and bustle of urbanization can’t be set aside. The process once initiated can’t be reversed. In this life of fast-paced nature, poetry bestows with us solace and serenity. The best ones are the ones who walk the doing rather than walk the talking. Life is mesmerized by many forces pulling the self apart. The orderly life can’t be discounted because it is interpreted as the way to eternity. Skepticism is the part and parcel of life here in this world of peculiarities. The interminable journey of life goes on with the multitudes trying to do something which is everything for them but nothing for the salvation or redemption of souls.

(6) The Characterisation of Life as Everywhere and Nowhere.

Life must be bathed in that predominant emotion of love. There are enough spaces here in this world for righteousness to flourish. The genealogical connection can’t be undermined because life itself revolves around such norms and means. Age is not a barrier to going for the Moon because it is not too late to seek a novel world. This life is a miniature form of the larger life envisaged for us in heaven. The new dawn of peace is close at hand and appearance is the beginning of disappearance.

(7) Musings of Musical Propositions.

Flying through the field is the commencement of wisdom. The detachment is a form of attachment. Reality is born out of imagination because life is stranger than fiction. The fusion of the hearts leads to the cleansing of the impurities of the selves. The charges are framed by a human agency that is not error-free because the final outcome is highly decoded within the encoded entity. The tamed self is after wisdom because it is chastised of all impulses of negative nature. Life fluctuates between two forces of diametrically opposed nature vying for positions and jockeying for powers. The self is in the perpetual dilemma of whether to confirm or to oppose and this existential crisis goes on and on in the life of human beings here on this Earth.

This poetry collection book does have everything in it for everyone. The book is endowed with pensive thoughts couched in metaphysical arenas. Mr.Ravi Ranganathan has matured himself into a poet of a rare breed and imaginative content. His presence in the world of poetry has enriched the literary world in a substantial fashion. Let his power of delineating poems of unparalleled and unprecedented magnitude and standard continue to have incredible versatility and vitality. I wish him all the very best in his holistic success in the field of poetry in years to come.

Mr.Cijo Joseph Chennelil
Kristu Jyoti College.
Changanassery, Kottayam, Kerala.
All Copyrights Reserved

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