5 Rules to Live by to Boost Your Productivity as a Business Owner

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As a business owner, you have a large responsibility. You must do a huge variety of tasks to make sure that your company is profitable and growing in the direction you want. This is often a difficult task and one area that owners often struggle with is productivity. It can be difficult knowing how to be productive, and how to manage the immense variety of jobs and responsibilities you have. In the article below, we have provided five simple tips to help!

1. Take regular breaks to maintain concentration

There is always a temptation to work endlessly as your new business flourishes and prospers. It’s exciting and we understand this! However, working without taking a break can ultimately damage your productivity.

We need to rest our minds regularly, even if that means taking a 10-minute break. This helps maintain concentration, and improve the quality of our work. Therefore, even as a business owner, you should take regular breaks every day to recharge your batteries!

2. Adhere to a set working schedule

It is important that you keep to a set work schedule. If you work irregular hours or have incredibly long days, your productivity can ultimately suffer. For example, you may work some 12-hour days and the quality of your work could suffer as a result.

Consistency always helps with productivity. As a result, a simple thing you can do is create a weekly work schedule. When owning a business, you are not constrained by the working hours imposed by someone else. However, you should still strive to maintain a work schedule regardless. This is something simple and should just contain the hours you will work for each day of the week!

3. Remove distractions from the workplace

Distractions are everywhere in today’s digital world. How often do we open our smartphones and scroll through social media, or check our YouTube recommended feed? Far too often! Simple distractions like these can hamper your productivity.

As a business owner, you should try and remove or limit distractions like this from the workplace. For example, you should set yourself the rule of only checking social media or the internet during breaks!

4. Utilize free resources to do tasks in-house

Productivity is often limited when relying on third-party businesses. As a business owner, you may be tempted to outsource work – this can be beneficial, but it also reduces your control and can reduce productivity.

Therefore, you could consider using free resources and tools found online to do tasks in-house. For example, LogoCreator is a free online logo creation tool and Buffer has a free social media scheduling and management set of tools.

5. Use online workflow tools for planning

Today we do not have to rely on calendars and physical planning devices like notebooks and diaries. Instead, we can use a range of online planning tools. To boost your productivity, consider using an online workflow tool to manage your tasks for you and your team.

Three popular examples are Trello, Asana, and Jira. These platforms allow you to create tasks for different business jobs and even assign them to different members of your team.

By following these five simple rules, you can easily boost your productivity. You can get the most out of your working hours without reducing the quality of your work and decisions. It is important that you look at your productivity and make sure that it does not suffer. Also, as a business owner, make sure you take care of yourself and your mental well-being – it can be a stressful job!

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