Why you should care about ISP License in India?

Imagine the dream of digitization without the internet access.

You can’t. Can you? It’s what lies at the core of ISP License. It’s a permit that Department of Telecommunication issues to those willing to provide internet services to Indian citizens. However, it’s also so much more. It’s hope; hope that people will remain connected to each other. Hope that even if a shop gets broken down, the shop owner can still make money.

Is hope enough for you to care about ISP License in India? Let’s dive into this article and find out.

ISP License is a way for entrepreneurs to give India an competitive edge over the world

If we are being totally honest, the internet quality still sucks in many parts of India. We all know about the MTNL debacle; it tried to stay relevant with its outdated technology of 3G during 4G days. It’s still trying to stay upbeat as we are slowly moving towards the fifth generation. Unfortunately, just being upbeat is same as being to the reality of the situation.

And the reality is, many of the existing networks are providing less than optimal internet services. They expect customers to be satisfied with the “bare minimum”.

Thankfully, there is ISP License in India. It has pushed many new entrepreneurs to provide internet solutions with more vigour, up to date technologies, and far less cost.

Simply put, the license has indirectly provided a way for entrepreneurs to give an competitive edge to India over other countries.

ISP License fee isn’t as much as you think

One of the many reasons that many still refuse to obtain the ISP License is the cost. And their reasons are justified. ISP License fee consist of the following costs:

  1. Application processing fee
  2. Entry fee
  3. Financial bank Guarantee
  4. Performance bank Guarantee

When combined, the fee seems enormous. However, entrepreneurs have to realize that there are three categories of ISPs to choose from:

  1. Category A
  2. Category B, and
  3. Category C

Category A is an expansive ISP whose internet services cover the entire country. The ISP License fee for it is expensive. However, you have the choice to opt for the one with lower ISP License cost and more internet impact, the category C ISP.

You don’t have to file for ISP License by yourself

There are folks called ISP License consultants. Their job to take your requirement, heed to them, and assist you till you sign the ISP License agreement.

Whenever you search for the answer to how to get ISP License in India, one step that remains hidden from your eyes is “searching for experts”. With their help, the complex matter of ISP licensing becomes a simple one.

Additionally, it doesn’t even cost much. You can get all the services you need by paying just a nominal professional consultation fee.


Providing internet services is a noble endeavour. The government promotes it because it pushes India further on its route to complete digitization. Your wallet can promote it because it’s not that expensive. And your peace of mind can promote it because you have to take none of the steps to get it by yourself.

This is why you should care about ISP License in India. With this license, and much more like bis license you’re given all the tools that you need to influence India’s digital future, and make some money along the way.

Why you should care about ISP License in India? There are many reasons why ISP License in India should not be ignored. This blog lists them all.

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