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Have you ever noticed how heavily reliant we have gotten on the internet? Everything has become accessible through the internet, from sating our entertainment needs to acquiring a new skill, from taking online classes to working from home, from expressing our concerns to surfing all day. 

If you are like me and have a big family, you would also notice that everyone, from grandparents to 2-year-olds, is obsessed with the internet. Additionally, when there are dips and disruptions in the internet connection, all age groups become frustrated.

Although we can all accept that there can be occasional issues with the internet, what about the time when your ISP is deliberately cutting off your internet speeds? Doesn’t that feel like a stab in the heart?

This post will go over everything you need to know about internet throttling.

Internet Throttling: What Is It?

The idea of slowing down the internet is not new. You could be familiar with it as follows: Traffic shaping and bandwidth throttling. It occurs when your internet service provider consciously limits your capacity or internet speed. Your bandwidth capacity for particular services and websites, or at a particular moment, may be subject to manipulation by your ISP. Internet throttling is frequently used to limit activities like file sharing, streaming videos, and gaming that use a lot of the internet.

Numerous internet service providers have started to throttle the internet since Net Neutrality was approved. As a result, you should connect with internet service providers who are reliable and trustworthy in how they conduct business and deliver the speeds that you have subscribed to.

Providers like Cox are known to extend the internet speeds that they agree to and so you might want to connect with such ISPs. With impressive speeds and high data limits, Cox en español pagos ensures ease while making payments as well. Not only this but Cox customer service is available round the clock and guarantees customer satisfaction at all times.

Reasons behind Internet Throttling

Your internet service provider may throttle your connection for several reasons, the most important of which are listed below:

Network Overload

This lone justification certainly makes the Net Neutrality act seem reasonable. Internet service providers throttle the internet during peak hours so that every customer can access some internet speed. Its similar to how Uber adds surge fees to rides during peak hours. 

In the unlikely event that they do not go through with it, some of the clients would benefit from fast internet while the majority most likely will not have any bandwidth.

Illegal Online Footprint

ISPs can very much limit internet traffic if a customer is involved in any unlawful activities online to prevent them from further involvement.

When you use particular websites and applications, internet service providers limit your connection. This happens so that you are unable to use these websites. This issue has been experienced by users of Netflix and Hulu. To enhance user experience, ISPs implement such throttling so that these websites would pay them more. 

After the repeal of net neutrality rules by the FCC, paid prioritization has become legal.

Data Limitation

Do you experience slower speeds during the last few days of the month?

If your answer is “yes,” the cause can very well be a straightforward case of capped data. ISPs typically monitor your internet connection, and if you go over your allotted bandwidth limit, you could experience internet throttling. Having stated that, you should always try to connect with providers that offer unlimited data.

The Last Words 

Internet throttling is real and undeniable. Many ISPs opt for it to be fair to all of their subscribers and now that it has become legal, you cannot do much about it. Sure, there are some ways to go around it. But, if you look at the reasons why ISPs exercise throttling, it does not seem so bad.

Lastly, if you want to make sure that your ISP does not throttle your internet for the most part – make sure to subscribe to an internet plan that comes with no data restrictions. 

In case of any queries, feel free to comment and we will get back to you!

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