Why it is Time to Move to Magento Commerce Cloud Edition

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition

Magento Commerce Cloud

Today, all cloud-based services are considered great options, mainly because of their low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. If you are planning to make the most out of a trusted cloud-based eCommerce platform, then you should go with one of today’s most efficient and talk about cloud-based hosting options – the Magento commerce cloud.
Magento introduced its own cloud-based solutions in 2016 and in very little time, it rose to popularity. Magento Commerce Cloud is another breakthrough option that has many benefits that can take your e-store surging upwards. Encouraged by success, Magento Commerce Cloud also included some of the most amazing features and performance benefits.

The 5-layered Magento

Magento cloud commerce gained popularity fast with the passing time because of its performance and fantastic features. Interestingly, the base of this cloud-based service is made concrete by its 5 layers of functions. Take a look at the functional 5 layers on which it works.

  1. IO, Web Application Firewall, and Content Delivery Network
  2. Performance tools (Example: Blackfire)
  3. Options for Magento Commerce – B2B and BI
  4. Service Platform (Example: Git)
  5. A perfect Amazon Web Services powered cloud infrastructure

Built for emerging eCommerce players

Today, every business wishes of having a convenient service, which is faster and smoother. The biggest USPs of Magento Commerce Cloud are – it does not compromise with convenience, rapid development, enhanced security, scalable nature, customizable nature, and continuous deployment. With all these features you can make the most of your eCommerce.

Use Magento Commerce Cloud to its fullest!
ECE-Tool package
Magento Commerce Cloud comes with the Ece-tool package. This feature or tool offers better flexibility and more scalability to the clients. With the help of this tool, Magento will notify you about every upgrade that is of superior and better quality. The users who upgrade their cloud-based services to their latest versions enjoy many amazing features and benefits than before.

Seamless workflow

During the initial times, the cloud-based service was not much smoother as compared to today’s versions because the developers worked with 3 different gits. However, the latest version offers functions through the Magento Cloud CLI. With this amazing feature, users can enjoy a service that is self-managed in cases of deploying PHY version, cache warning, phase support, production or staging, and many more.

Improved speed

The latest update of Magento Commerce Cloud offers increased speed as an option to the clients. The users can enable increased speed by disabling static content deployment.

Simplified process

Including projects was one of the tiring jobs for the users some time back. But with the latest version, clients can now easily store the configuration, which can make the deployment process much easier. Further, it will also help the developers in configuring phases of deployment processes.

Improved performance

As mentioned before, Magento Commerce Cloud is deployed on Amazon Web Services, which is one of the strongest platforms. Moreover, when the users upgrade it, they can operate on a single node “Magento Cloud global master” itself! This feature makes sure that the users enjoy a boosted performance of the cloud-based service.

Easy cloud deployments

In the initial days, developers had to struggle a bit in identifying local development. Today, the Magento cloud’s template is much lighter and cleaner as compared to before.

Improved production deployment speed

A website’s maintenance time relies greatly on the site’s contents, like the javascript, images, etc. Magento underwent two massive changes in its service and that enhances the speed of production deployment. Magento Commerce Cloud configures technologies, which work in improving the speed of the deployment. In addition to that, the contents are programmed to run on the page’s request.

Increased storage

The migration to M4 servers from C3 servers offers better performance as well as increases memory storage. In other words, the increase in memory space will have a direct and positive impact on performance.

Enhanced security

Magento cloud commerce comes with the “Web Application Firewall” and it enhances the cloud’s protection. It is fully capable of protecting a website from a number of risks. This feature is a premium feature, but Magento offers this feature absolutely free!

Improved page speed

Magento Commerce Cloud has included “Fastly” – an amazing tool for optimizing the images. Usually, eStores rely greatly on images and these images are crucial as they attract customers and viewers. In most cases, the customers decide whether to purchase or not by looking at the images. “Fastly” optimizes the images and as a result, the page speed will be improved.

Wrapping it up

Magento Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant and cloud-based commerce platform, which powers eStores to excel and get better in intelligence. It will enhance your customers’ buying experiences across every channel in various fields, such as websites, social platforms, and various other stores. Further, it will also help you reach their customers in all aspects and grow the business faster. You will also have the option of customizing the cloud’s themes with many styling configurations.

You can do a lot with Magento Commerce Cloud and get the most out of your e-stores. We are a leading Magento agency based out of New Jersey, New York, Texas and California.

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