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Tips to Expand Your Multi-Services Business Using Gojek Clone

After a Successful Launch of the App, the Developers and the App Owner will make an Expansive Market Strategy when planning to go Global. Although Users are more connected and used to Gojek Clone App, yet, challenges emerge when expanding to other Countries. However, they can be solved with some rigorous Research and Data-Driven Insights. 

Seems daunting! But Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs here’s the Good News – Because KINGX 2022 is now up for grabs! Now you can get free from most of the labor that goes into expanding the Business over and beyond the current Target Region! 

KINGX 2022 is very similar to the Indonesian Gojek Clone App. Only, it is Bigger than the Original Gojek. Along with being a Platform that offers 70+ On-Demand Services, this App is Feature-Packed!  

Therefore, by simply integrating a handful of Features, the App Owner can easily expand on a Global Scale!


With the Purchase of the Package for this Clone App, the Entrepreneurs get the Option to choose which Features they want to ‘Add-On.’ So, while expanding your All-Inclusive App to International Borders, your goal should be to consider the Linguistics and the Technical Differences! Let’s understand this with an Example. 

Integration of 25 Preferred Languages

Crystal is a California-based On-Demand Multi Services App Owner. After a year of running her App in different Cities like San Diego, Oakland, Irvine, and Long Beach, she was intrigued to Launch the App in Indonesia. It’s her love for Indonesia Culture, Language, Food, that Lured her into taking the App Operations International. 

Therefore, she opted to add the Indonesian Language. Thus, with this Feature, the new Registering Service Providers and App Users can now choose their Preferred Language as ‘Bahasa Indonesia.’ 

On the App Introduction Screen, the Users/Providers can flexibly select the Language of their Choice before proceeding to the Login or Registration Process. Likewise, the Users can click on the ‘Globe Icon’ on the Top-Right Corner of the Website’s Screen and select their Preferred Language! 

Integrate 25 Currencies of your Choice 

Apart from Language, integrating the Currency of the Country is crucial as well. In this Case, Crystal wants to run her App in Indonesia, thus, she’ll have to incorporate ‘Indonesian Rupiah.’ 

So, when the App like Gojek User or the Service Provider opens the App or the Website to Login/Register. They can select their Preferred Currency as well. On the App Introduction Screen, the User can select both the Language and Currency. Whereas on the Website, the Currency automatically changes as soon as the Preferred Language is selected! 

Integration of the Local Payment Gateway 

While expanding the App Operations to Indonesia, Crystal also needs to integrate the Local Payment Gateway that’s accepted by the Country’s Banks. Let’s say, she opts for Xendit! It is the leading Payment Gateway in Indonesia and all of Southeast Asia. 

With this, she can remain serene about the Online Transitions that happen on the Gojek App Clone or the Website! 


Entrepreneurs, now you can expand your App to other countries as well! No matter if your App is actively functioning in the USA, Nigeria, Malaysia, or anywhere else, Gojek Clone has Easy-To-Use Features. So, Expand your Business across the Borders effortlessly! Grab KINGX 2022 and see the World Conspire in your Favor!

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