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Turn your Indonesian Trip into a Memorable One

Indonesian Trip

Here are some secrets to turn your Indonesian Trip unforgettable

Hello guys! We are going to talk about how to turn your Indonesian trip into a memorable one. When you meet people, Greet them with “Selamat” and a handshake occurs with a nod of your head. If someone offers you food or drink, always accept it, as denial possibly be seen as rude. Even if you’re finished, try to leave some food on your plate.

Keep in mind that a pat on the shoulder is a gesture of cherishing, if someone does so don’t feel insulted. While sitting, keep both your feet on the floor, as turn up you’re sole to someone is observed as impolite. Do remember that when you’re in Indonesia, PDA between the opposite sex is a big no-no. For pointing something, never use your index finger, rather use your thumb.

While you are dining or passing something, Don’t use your left hand as the left hand is considered unclean. Never slap someone on his or her back. It is understood as a rude gesture in Indonesia. While having a conversation, avoid direct eye contact as Indonesians since it is uncomfortable. As most of the Indonesians are Muslims, don’t offer alcohol or pork to people as they don’t have them.

But, before doing that, you should also have some historic knowledge about Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the ancient historic countries, accompanied by a lot of rich historical chapters. You can find such historical and cultural information about this country using famous information websites e.g. Wikipedia. It is the country that is orbited by rainforests and deep jungles as well as high and low mountains. That increases the overall natural beauty of Indonesia. They used to speak Bahasa language, and most of the population in Indonesia is Muslim. (Written by : Zainab Khan)

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