Tips for Writing SEO Content to Increase Traffic and Sales

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably written a blog post or two in your life. Maybe it was for school, or maybe it was just something fun to do on a rainy day. Whatever the case may be, I bet that writing content can get pretty dull when there’s no audience out there to read it. But what if I told you there was an easy way to make your blog posts more interesting and shareable? Well, friends: There is!

Engage readers and get them talking

It’s important to engage readers and get them talking. This can be done by using a conversational tone, active verbs, short sentences, and paragraphs that are no longer than three sentences. You can also use lists or bullet points (like this one) to make it easier for readers to digest your content. Images or videos are also effective ways of keeping people engaged with your site’s content because they add more visual stimulation for the reader’s eyesight (and brain).

Make your content shareable

If you want your content to be shared, make it easy for readers to find and share. In the same way that you want to make sure it’s easy for people who are searching for what you offer, you also need to make sure those who aren’t searching can easily find your content. The best way to do this is by including a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of every piece of SEO-friendly content that encourages people who read it to leave comments or share on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

The CTA should include two elements:

  • A strong headline gives readers something interesting or useful in order for them not only to keep reading but also pass along their own thoughts about what was written. For example: “How I Learned How Important It Is To Write SEO Content Like This!”
  • A link back directly back into the post itself so other readers don’t have trouble finding where they left off when sharing via social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook.
SEO Content to Increase Traffic

Include keywords people are looking for

Including keywords in your content is a good idea for several reasons:

  • It helps Google search engines understand what your site is about, which means they will rank it higher in their results.
  • It helps people find the information they’re looking for more easily.
  • It helps increase sales by making sure potential customers can find what they need and want on your website, even if it isn’t directly linked from another page (such as an advertisement).

Write in a conversational tone and use active verbs

In order to increase your readers’ interest and make your writing more engaging, you should use active verbs. Active verbs help get your readers’ attention by making the content of your copy more exciting and compelling. Using active verbs will also help you avoid passive voice, which can make a sentence feel flat and boring when used excessively.

The goal is to make sure every sentence has at least one action word in it–the more action words that are included in each sentence, the better!

Use images and videos to make your writing easier to read and more engaging

Images and videos are also a great way to make your content more engaging. Images help break up text and can be used to illustrate points, show off your products, and add humour or emotion. Videos will make people want to watch them instead of reading through paragraphs of text!

Insert personal photos

Don’t use stock photos or images that you’ve downloaded from a free image hosting site. These can get picked up by search engine crawlers as spammy content, and they don’t give your visitors an authentic experience.

Use photos of you and your employees in your content. This will make readers feel more connected with your brand. It would be best if they were professional pictures taken by reliable corporate headshots in Melbourne.

Include relevant keywords in your image file names, descriptions and alt tags (if possible). This will help search engines find your images and display them in their image results, which is good for traffic and sales!

Make sure your writing is well-researched, relevant to your audience’s interests, and accurate

If you want to write SEO content that will generate traffic and sales for your business, it’s important to make sure that the information you are providing is well-researched, relevant to your audience’s interests, and accurate.

In order to create this type of content:

  • Use facts and statistics from reputable sources (e.g., government agencies or independent third parties) whenever possible. This can include data on industry trends; consumer spending habits; market share figures; employee turnover rates at competing firms in similar industries; etc.
  • Include personal anecdotes where appropriate–this helps readers connect with what they’re reading because it shows them how something could affect them personally rather than just being an abstract analysis of some topic on its own merits without any real-world context behind it. For example: “This happened when I was working as an accountant at [name of company]…” Or “My wife does this thing where she buys groceries every week…and she doesn’t mind spending extra money because she knows how important fresh produce is for our family.” These sorts of statements give readers something concretely relatable about which they can reflect upon later down the road when considering whether or not buying something similar might benefit them too!”
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