Importance of a Clear Thesis Statement in a Research Paper

College assignments involves complex writing with cognitive requirements. Among the important elements of these essays is a thesis statement. A thesis statement expresses is the main message about literary work a writer is researching on.

When writing a research paper, you first forward the subject as an argument then defend it in the body part of the essay. Your argument should be intriguing to grab the readers’ attention at once. Thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction. It has a major role of introducing the topic and ushering the reader to more discoveries in the evidence body.

 A wining research paper requires a strong thesis statement that shows the importance of the paper. It should answer the question correctly and be clearly understood by the reader. The argument should help the readers understand the message with ease.

Qualities of a thesis statement:

  • Specific

Have a specific purpose of your statement. A specified argument is like a rail that controls how your evidence flows. If the thematic statement is stated clearly the writer is able to give relevant topic sentences to support the claim. A clear thesis statement aligns all the evidences in agreement with the theme.

  • Clear statement

Use accurate and specific keywords in the thesis. Show clear indication of specific areas of research. This helps readers grasp the meaning of your thesis statement on first reading. An open-ended thematic statement creates questions in the reader’s mind. They want to know why or how you came up with such a statement


  • Debatable

Write your thesis as an argument and not an observation. Do not give facts concerning a thought but prompt a debate among the readers.there should be diverse thoughts as in a comparative essay. A clear thesis statement should Invoke disagreement from some of the readers. This creates interest to read the whole research paper.

  • Assertive

Craft your argument to assert a thought. It is a declaration by the writer on the standoff their paper.

  • One sentence

A standard thesis statement  is one sentenceIt can however be long depending on the complexity of your essay.

A good thesis statement should be a two-line sentence of 30-40 words. However, you can have 2-3 sentences or even a paragraph depending on the type of assignment. The complexity of the research paper determines how long your thesis statement will be. The important thing is clarity of the argument.Be careful not to lose the effectiveness of the thesis if it is too long or too short.

How to write a strong thesis statement

  • Select some topics
  • Do research-read extensively to gather vast information
  • Draft an outline-have a sketch layout of points you plan to write in the thesis
  • Write the body
  • Indicate relevant sources

Importance of a clear thesis statement in a research paper

  1. It is the focal point from which the entire writing revolves

It guides you write the essay. The body part of the essay is developed from the thesis statement. So, the clarity of your thesis translates to a strong essay.

  1. Assist the reader understand the thought in the essay

A clear thesis statement gives the reader  direction and what to expect in the essay.

  1. Shows the importance of the argument hence why the readers should continue reading


  1. It forms the basis of the essay


 A clear thesis shows your purpose and the targeted audience.                                                                   


  1. It gives a clear point of argument that directs the reader

 A thesis must be directly connected to the subject.

  1. It helps the writer sieve information so as to write only what is important
  2. It is the concluding statement of the introduction


For the best and elaborate thematic statement, you need to put in mind these two essential points:

  • Get several abstract words that explain the topic
  • Combine the abstract words with various comments on the author’s observation on human general aspects.


How to write a clear thesis statement:

  1. Choose the topic
  2. Show the importance of the topic
  • Determine the targeted audience

This will help you plan for the length and content.

  1. Analyze the author’s view on the topic
  2. Select some topics

VI.Use a theme statement template to format the opinion

There are standard rules which you can apply to write your thesis statement. Focus on the topic you are researching on to avoid losing track. Templates should only guide you create your own thesis.

A thesis statement is the key determinant of success of your research paper. Strive to make it clear and understandable to your readers such that they will predict what to expect in the body part. It should be intriguing and debatable to catch the attention of the readers. You can get the experts draft an outstanding thesis statement and a research paper.

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