The power of using SMS broadcast in your business

sms broadcast

Customer need for marketing, communication, and content as quickly as possible made texting a personal & direct communication way. You can get closer to the consumer with texting, than any other channel. SMS Broadcast, is a well-known model of communication to enable businesses to sway the immediacy of Messaging. That includes the power of One-to-One Conversation. 

Not only can you engage with your consumer effectively. But can start context on two-way conversations to boost sales. Here in the article, we highlight the features, benefits, and uses of SMS Broadcasting in business. Experience the pinnacle of property management excellence with SMS Property Management.

What is SMS Broadcasting?

SMS broadcasting is even referred to as bulk SMS. It’s mostly a  method to send curated and customized messages to a huge number of people in one shot. The goal of SMS broadcasting is very simple – to win and reach more people as possible quickly.

For instance, government officials could notify people about life-threatening situations while bad weather. Whereas, Business owners form consumers about the products that or sold or available to order. Simply say, SMS broadcasting is used to communicate crucial details that boost marketing campaigns. Visit for more details.

What are the Benefits of SMS Broadcasting?

SMS Broadcasting comes with many benefits. SMS broadcasting allows businesses to reach thousands and millions of people at once. Broadcast messaging also offers a cost-effective way to send bulk text messages to many contacts. So, not only can you enhance connections quickly but also can gain a vision of the discussions which happen with contacts. All these can occur by just logging every text message. 

To boost these advantages, you need a profitable and quick transmission of the message services.  That can be achieved by experienced SMS broadcast such as GuniSMS. With GuniSMS, you could send Broadcast Messages with a few clicks of a button. It is a great tool to connect with consumers. There are countless ways to define why one needs to use broadcast services. Here are a few of them: 

  • Use a broadcast message to save your money & time, then call everyone individually 
  • Personalize broadcast messages for the best consumer service.
  • Engage with the people to develop a rapport that boosts sales.
  •  Alert customers regarding new promotions, products, and updates. 
  • Make contact quickly and easily with a  click of a button.
  • Develop a positive reputation by SMS after the sale with a point of contact to ensure they receive anything from your brand again.

How business can use Broadcast Messaging 

Looking to start the best conversations with the customers, then SMS broadcasts could help you.  The convenience and the reach, simplicity, and reliability of an SMS, are better than anything to reach consumers to get the conversation flowing. The ability to connect with customers even while they are on go means you are already on your way to closing the deal. Here are the top ways that businesses are using SMS broadcast ;

1. Text Notifications & Alerts

SMS broadcast is powerful to use when you need to send any crucial information quickly. That includes weather alerts or emergencies. Best to non-emergencies too that including service delays or last-minute cancellation. 


We are unfortunate to inform you that Dr.Charan isn’t available on Wednesday. So, all the medical appointments on 13-05-22 are canceled.  

2. Message reminders

Text reminders are an effective way of reminding people at any cost. Businesses can remind limitless people regarding any event or special offers that they are holding. That includes a normal sporting event or an annual sales event etc.


Hey Maya,

It’s summer already. And we can’t wait to introduce our new summer collection that you can get at a 15% discount. Reply Yes if you are interested in it.

3. SMS polls & surveys

SMS polls or surveys are the best tool for any business to entice consumers about product consideration or to host a successful event. SMS broadcast helps with getting detailed feedback. From where a business can understand how consumers are feeling about your services. Both surveys and polls work together to grab the engagement in the best way through SMS broadcast ensuring the o creation of an e-text call interactive to ask for potential feedback.


Hi Jaxon, 

Hope you had fun shopping with us. Please leave feedback in a short survey. Replies, ” yes” to join the survey and get a 10% discount on your next purchase.

4. Send Brand promotions

Drive real exposure and effective engagement for all your promotions and events via SMS broadcast. Send out coupons to attract people into the store. Send a link to the e-commerce store. 


Hi Maxi, 

Saurabh computer offers a flash sale on Python courses. Enter code ” Saurabh Python” to get a 15% discount on the order. Reply stop to opt-out.

Sending an SMS Broadcast Text Message with GuniSMS

GuniSMS broadcasts text message services, letting you send several SMS in seconds. In three steps, you could start a broadcast SMS campaign to drive leads and sales to the organization.

1. Firstly staff with upload a list of contacts through an spreadsheet or CSV. If you don’t have any, utilize web forms,  text-to-join, and sign-up widgets to gather all the mobile numbers.

2. Keep your text short & sweet, and also use MMS to add photos and 1,600 characters. Use more features such as links, personalized fields, and much more.

3. Now, send the message or schedule it. Replies can appear in your inbox for free. You can track click-through rates and the delivery too.

Contact GuniSMS today and avail of their SMS broadcast services and achieve the ultimate impact on the business with its freemium version. 

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