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The Ever-Growing Demand For Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry

libyan desert glass jewelry

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Also known as the Golden Tektite, the gemstone occurs in mesmerizing shades of golden color. The gems are naturally occurring glass formed due to meteorites hitting the Earth more than 25 million years ago. The meteorite hit on the sands of Egypt and Libya. The mysterious stone is highly spiritual. The extraterrestrial origins of the crystal further make it increase the demand for Libyan Desert Glass jewelry.

Libyan Desert Glass might have inclusions of leaves or particles of sand trapped in the crystal body. Inclusions are only evidence that the gem is natural. Since high energies led to the gemstone’s formation, there are almost no chances that the one you are looking at is man-made. The gem is quite a trend, and Rananjay Exports has a fantastic collection of Libyan glass jewelry. They have Jewelry in exquisite patterns.

What Are These Gems known For?

It is a highly protective crystal that strengthens the will. The yellow-colored gems are powerful manifestation tools that carry the energy of the golden ray. These stones work for the solar plexus chakra and guard you against negative psychic energy.

The psychic protection stone doesn’t allow anyone to steal your energy. It prevents any negative events. Some wear Libyan Desert Glass jewelry to enhance their creativity. Since the gemstone carries a warm color that goes with almost all kinds of outfits, Libyan Desert Glass earrings are becoming very popular.

How Does It Look Like?

The gem appears in shades of yellow color. It has a matte appearance. You will find air bubbles trapped inside the structure of this gem. The wavy lechatelierite inclusions are the results of sand particles inside the gem structure that get into it during the formation process. Events like meteorites and lightning form these. It has a velvety texture which means it is neither too shiny nor rough like some other stones.

Libyan Desert Glass Rings

The gemstone is not a traditional birthstone, yet it is preferred for its spiritual properties. Therefore, the gem is considered very good for spiritual journeys. Hence, Libyan Desert Glass rings are popular among those who want to enhance their meditation session with the energy of this powerful stone.

Gemstone Pendant

The raw form of the crystal gives a statement appeal. Fashion lovers quite like wearing Libyan Desert Glass pendants for its majestic appeal. It looks marvelous in silver and is great for casual accessories. Libyan Desert Glass necklace is loved for its bold style statement. You can wear it when going to big events. The gemstone looks glamorous with dark colors like black and with winter clothes. Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry creates a sophisticated appeal with neutral colors.

Benefits Of This Gemstone

The gem is helpful for life force energy. It works for all the chakras below the stomach of the wearer. When one wears this gemstone, they feel that they can control their lives. It helps relax the emotions of the wearer. It heals stomach-related issues. They are beneficial stones for the earth star chakra and are essential for grounding.

The gemstone helps you build perception and consciousness. It will help you in self-realization and accept yourself positively. It helps you show off your talents. The gemstone enhances your intellect and revitalizes your spirit. It also allows you make your decisions efficiently.

The Gemstone In a Necklace

The gemstone is so rare that it amazes the onlooker and gives a unique statement appeal in a necklace. It is also known as the Great Sand Sea Glass, and the warm color of the gem attracts one and all. The boho look of the gemstone goes with almost any dress. The bold Libyan Desert Glass necklace can give you a show-stopper look because many do not know the gem.

How To Take Care Of The Gemstone?

Since we know that gems are so valuable, we should take good care of them and maintain their beauty for a long time. Take your gemstone jewelry to nearby jewelers at least every six months. You might not know a gem may get loose from its place. Don’t use harsh chemicals to clean the accessories. For storing them, prefer a pouch or cloth-lined jewelry box. Don’t just let your jewelry lay scattered anywhere.

If you want to clean your accessories at home, use mild soap, water, and a soft-bristle brush. To take care of your jewelry you should also take it off while exercising.

Where To Buy Authentic Gemstone Accessories?

Yes, investing in jewelry needs to be a confirmed decision as one needs to get hold of genuine gems. Rananjay Exports has authentic gemstone jewelry available in a wide range of designs and patterns. They deal in Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry and their accessories are specimens of exquisite craftsmanship. Their accessories are made in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil.

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