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Winter Season Urdu Poetry – Urdu Shayari on Sardi ka Mosam

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Winter in Urdu poetry, known as Sardi ka Mosam Shayari, paints a vivid tapestry of emotions. From the tender brushstrokes of romantic winter verses to the poignant sighs of melancholy, each word shimmers with the chill of the season.

Winter Season Poetry in Urdu

“ye sard raate.n bhii ban kar abhii dhu.aa.n u.D jaa.e.n
vo ik lihaaf mai.n o.Dhuu.n to sardiyaa.n u.D jaa.e.n

“ab udaas phirte ho sardiyo.n kii shaamo.n me.n
is tarah to hotaa hai is tarah ke kaamo.n me.n

“ye sardiyo.n kaa udaas mausam ki dha.Dkane.n barf ho ga.ii hai.n
jab un kii yaKH-bastagii parakhnaa tamaazate.n bhii shumaar karnaa

“yaado.n kii shaal o.Dh ke aavaara-gardiyaa.n
kaaTii hai.n ham ne yuu.n bhii december kii sardiyaa.n

“december kii sardii hai us ke hii jaisii
zaraa saa jo chhuu le badan kaa.nptaa hai

Urdu Nazam & Ghazal on Winter Weather

“tum to sardii kii hasii.n dhuup kaa chehra ho jise
dekhte rahte hai.n diivaar se jaate hu.e ham

“raat bechain sii sardii me.n ThiThurtii hai bahut
din bhii har roz sulagtaa hai tirii yaado.n se

“vo sardiyo.n kii dhuup kii tarah Guruub ho gayaa
lipaT rahii hai yaad jism se lihaaf kii tarah

“sardii hai ki is jism se phir bhii nahii.n jaatii
suuraj hai ki muddat se mire sar par kha.Daa hai

“tire tasavvur kii dhuup o.Dhe kha.Daa huu.n chhat par
mire liye sardiyo.n kaa mausam zaraa alag hai

What Urdu Literature has on Sardi Mosam Poetry?

Romantic Sard Mosam Shayari evokes a cozy warmth by the fireplace, two hearts nestled close like embers glowing. Ghazals whisper of stolen kisses under frosted breath, while nazms weave dreams of snow-laden paths leading to a beloved’s door. The imagery is as delicate as snowflakes, capturing the fragile beauty of love blossoming in the coldest months.

But winter’s bite can also evoke a melancholic yearning, reflected in Winter Sad Poetry in Urdu. Verses echo with loneliness, with long, dark nights echoing regrets and memories. The wind through bare branches becomes a lover’s lament, and the frost on windows paints scenes of lost warmth and empty hearths. These poems resonate with a quiet ache, acknowledging the bittersweet pang of winter’s solitude.

December Ki Sardi Pe Urdu Ashaar

When it comes to Urdu Ashaar on December Ki Sardi, even in the bleakest chill, Urdu poetry finds humor. A dash of wit spices up Sardi par Funny Urdu Ghazal, poking fun at the season’s inconveniences. Imagine comical verses about struggling to pry frozen fingers from mugs, or the desperate search for misplaced gloves. With playful wordplay and tongue-in-cheek observations, these ghazals remind us that even winter’s icy grip can’t stifle our sense of amusement.

So, as December’s “December ki Sardi Urdu Shayari” fills the air, delve into the rich tapestry of winter poetry in Urdu. Find solace in romantic whispers, share in the longing of lonely hearts, and even chuckle at winter’s woes. For within these verses, you’ll discover the multifaceted beauty of a season that, as Urdu poets remind us, can be both bitter and sweet, sorrowful and mirthful, all woven together with the delicate thread of words

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