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Happy Care Poetry in Urdu – Careful Urdu Shayari

care poetry

care poetry

In the realm of Urdu poetry, where emotions weave through verses like moonlight on silk, “Happy Care Poetry” takes on a profound and tender form. It’s a tapestry woven with threads of love and care, stitched together with a keen awareness of vulnerability and self-worth. Here, poets pour their souls into verses that whisper, Save your feelings for someone who cares.

Best Urdu Poetry about Care

bhale din aa.eñ to aane vaale bure dinoñ kā ḳhayāl rakhnā
tamām ḳhushiyoñ ke jamghaToñ meñ bhī thoḌā thoḌā malāl rakhnā

“Baandh LeN Haath Pe, Seenay Se Laga LeN Tujhko
Ji Me Aata Hai K Taveez Bana LeN Tujhko

mohabbat meñ nahīñ hai farq jiine aur marne kā
usī ko dekh kar jiite haiñ jis kāfir pe dam nikle

mere KHvaabo.n me.n roz aatii hai.n
apnii aa.nkhe.n sa.nbhaal kar rakhiye

sa.nbhal sa.nbhal ke chaloge to faa.eda hogaa
ba.Do.n kii baat sunoge to faa.eda hogaa

Caring Person in Sad Urdu Shayari

ishq ke ghaaT par sa.nbhal kar cha.Dh
kyo.n ki us kaa cha.Dhaa.o mushkil hai

dil sa.nbhalte sa.nbhalte sa.nbhal jaa.egaa
Gam masarrat ke saa.nche me.n Dhal jaa.egaa

Beautiful Urdu Ghazal on Careful Life

Urdu care love quotes resonate with an achingly beautiful truth: not all hearts are equipped to cradle another’s with gentle hands. These verses serve as gentle reminders – “Do not squander your precious emotions on stony ground, where seeds of love wither before they bloom.” Instead, they urge you to seek those who mirror your care, whose souls echo your tenderness.

Imagine words painted with moonlight, like “Tera khayal meray dil mein ik sham’a si jalata hai, har pal tere khush-rehi ki dua karta hai” (Your thought burns like a candle in my heart, I pray for your happiness every moment). These “caring poetry quotes” in Urdu are imbued with a selfless warmth, a fervent wish for the beloved’s well-being. They capture the essence of true care, where joy lies not in receiving, but in nurturing the happiness of another.

Final words on Emotional and Feeling Poetry of Care in Urdu Language

Finally, in the treasure trove of Urdu poetry, the best verses on careful feelings are like polished gems. They glisten with wisdom and grace, urging you to tread softly with your heart. One such line might say, “Dil ik nazuk cheez hai, use samjhon se rakhna, har kisi ke haathon na dena” (The heart is a delicate thing, treat it with understanding, don’t entrust it to just anyone). These deep poetry lines on caring people in Urdu serve as guiding stars, illuminating the path towards love that is cherished, reciprocated, and safe.

So, when your soul seeks solace in the language of love, let Urdu’s “Happy Care Poetry” be your haven. In its gentle verses, you’ll find not just the art of caring, but the wisdom to safeguard your own precious heart, ensuring that your love finds fertile ground, ready to blossom into a beautiful, cherished bond.

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