The Art of Thriving – How Cade Courtley Became a Successful Author

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When we think of the starving artist, we picture a destitute soul barely making ends meet. In reality, most artists are surviving. They’re not starving, but they’re not thriving either.

A thriving artist has a clear plan for their career and is willing to put in the work to make it happen. They’re also resilient and can adapt to any circumstance.

How I Turned My Passion Into a Full-Time Career

After a lifetime spent in the outdoors, Cade Courtley was a standout during his Navy SEAL training (BUD/S). He graduated at the top of his class and has been a part of Military Special Operations ever since.

Shakespeare’s depiction of Cade and his followers illustrates the playwright’s scorn for popular/oral culture and his desire to identify himself with an urban elite that favored literacy as a tool for exercising power. Wilson explains that the riot scenes demonstrate how Shakespeare used drama to “disrupt the flow of commercial theater, to challenge audiences’ beliefs and assumptions.” It was a dangerous moment in the history of patriarchal rule.

What I Learned About Self-Discipline

Developing self-discipline is an essential ingredient in being a successful author. But it takes work to do. There are many ways to practice self-discipline, and one of the most effective ways is to break large goals into smaller ones. This will help you achieve your goal and build confidence along the way.

For example, if you want to start exercising more, you can begin by committing for five minutes of jogging daily. Over time, you can increase the time you spend jogging daily. This will help you improve your health and fitness and build self-discipline.

Cade Courtley spent most of his young adult life in the outdoors, laying down a strong foundation for his military career. After graduating from the University of San Diego, he was commissioned as an officer in the Navy and began SEAL training (BUD/S). After several tours as a platoon commander that took him worldwide, he left the SEAL teams to pursue other challenges. 

What I Learned About Time Management

In 2015, Navy SEAL sniper Cade Courtley appeared on Shark Tank seeking a $250,000 investment in his company, Victory Coffees (via Shark Tank Blog). He hoped to attract investors with his military background and his line of Seal-branded survival gear. But while the sharks were impressed with his military experience, they weren’t sold on his subscription-based coffee business.

The sharks voted against investing in his coffee business, but Courtley had many other business ideas he wanted to pursue. He went on to host America Unplugged, a Spike TV series that profiles people who live off the grid and also wrote a book. However, he quickly realized that he was trying to do too much at once.

What I Learned About Networking

After graduating from the University of San Diego, Cade Courtley was commissioned as a Naval Officer and began Navy SEAL training (BUD/S). During his intense training program, he survived two Hell Weeks, a broken left leg, and a fractured skull to become the Class Leader. Following his successful military career, he was selected to attend the elite SEAL Sniper school—a privilege only given to a few of the most talented and dedicated candidates.

Courtley’s knowledge of the military and survival techniques led him to launch his television show, Surviving Disaster, on Spike TV and Discovery Channel. 

This entertaining and informative series teaches viewers how to survive common disasters such as car accidents, robberies, and airplane hijackings. Although these disasters may seem rare, they happen, and Courtley’s simple tips and techniques could save lives.