norwegian wood

Hewson’s Procedure for Criticism

Hewson’s Procedure

Hewson’s model for criticism contains six steps: collecting preliminary dataconstructing a critical framework for analyzing passages on a micro-and Meso-level moving from the micro-and Meso levels to the macro-level identifying macro-level effects and interpretative paths in the translation to form a hypothesis about its nature and testing the newly formed hypothesis on other passages. The …

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Norwegian Wood – A Thesis

Haruki murakami thesis

Haruki Murakami is enjoying unprecedented popularity worldwide. Publishers andbookstores organize fan meetups, release parties, and even weekend-long festivals celebrating the work of the Japanese author, and readers attend in staggering numbers. In the West, Japan is hip like never before and Murakami’s cosmopolitan novels bring the nation long considered an oriental mystery to bedside tables …

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