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The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde Summary Analysis Review

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde (Brief)

The story “The Happy Prince” is a fairy tale that combines two worlds: the world of the Happy Prince above and the real world below. The story is also a contrast between the temporary happ...

Breakfast by John Steinbeck Summary Analysis Translation Solution

Breakfast by John Steinbeck (A Discussion)

The story “Breakfast” deals with the simplicity, contentment, and satisfaction of workers depending on seasonal work of cotton-picking. It is chiefly with a generous and sympathetic attitu...

hawk's monologue by Ted Hughes Poem Translation Explanation Summary Review

Understanding “Hawk’s Monologue” by Ted Hughes

Hawk’s Monologue is a symbolic poem about power politics. Hawk stands for such a powerful dictator who suffers from delusions that he is born to rule. He can’t be humiliated and lowered. T...

Kubla Khan Poem By S.T. Coleridge Analysis Explanation Summary

Kubla Khan by S. T. Coleridge (An Analysis)

In the poem, “Kublai Khan” S.T. Coleridge has described his dream of a magnificent palace. The surrounding of this extraordinary place is quite romantic and mysterious. As rivers, forests,...

World Stage William Shakespeare Poem Translation Summary

All The World’s A Stage by William Shakespeare (An Analysis)

ٰIn this poem “All The World’s A Stage”, William Shakespeare compares the entire world to a theatrical stage, where all the men and women play their allotted role. Every man has to p...

One Art Elizabeth Bishop Summary Translation Review

One Art by Elizabeth Bishop (Summary & Analysis)

In the poem, “One Art”, the poetess advocates that to live in this world successfully, one must have the patience and courage to bear the loss of all things. In this respect, we can be sur...

Huntsman Summary Review Analysis

The Huntsman by Edward Lowbury

The poem, “The Huntsman” is about two different approaches of Kagwa and that of the king. Kagwa, the brave hunter of lions is credulous whereas the king is scrupulous. Kagwa lacks know the...

Robert Browning Poetry - Patriot into traitor poem translation summary

Patriot into Traitor by Robert Browning

The poem, “Patriot into Traitor” by Robert Browning is a dramatic monologue. It is about the political ups and downs in the life of a political person in underdeveloped countries. In the w...

Guests and hosts by max beerbohm

Hosts and Guests by Max Beerbohm

The writer differentiates between hosts and guests humorously and points out their merits and demerits in the essay, “Hosts and Guests”. He says that the ancient Romans did not make any difference bet...

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