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ETHICS INTEGRITY AND APTITUDE is a new addition to the list of papers in the UPSC test and is the most dynamic paper of all. It’s the paper in which one can get maximum affair with veritably lower input.

The ethics paper has two corridors one is the question part and the other is the case study part.

So we will discuss how to prepare an ethics paper.

To start, I’ll say that I haven’t studied Wordbook. Since it’s the only book available in the request, scholars tend to read this. But what I’ll suggest is that for ethics you don’t bear any book.


Ethics paper is lower Rather, it’s about what you understand about any particular content.

No book can give exemplifications that are veritably pivotal to answering any ethics question.

Take the syllabus of the ethics paper and go through it.

The syllabus easily mentions the motifs. Google each term and content of the ethics syllabus and make note of what you understand of it. Hunt for some quotations and exemplifications for each content from which you can substantiate your arguments.

Try to write the questions once many times with the notes you make.

Advantages of this strategy.

  • You’ll have a better understanding of the paper and its demand. Hence, you’ll deliver better.
  • You’ll give answers in your language which will be simple and easy for the monitor to understand.

 Quotations and exemplifications will make answers more authentic and applicable, hence costing good marks.

Ethics, integrity, aptitude is the core demand of general studies paper 4.

Consists of two major corridor of core ethics and case studies. Both corridor have their equal significance as first one related to ur being ethical and alternate bone about ur decision making rates. 

In public administration ethics carries most weight as policy phrasings and their perpetration is the only way to serve the public cause in true spirit. And hence one who’s aspiring to serve the public should be ethical in his acts and thinking is one of the important aspect of the selection process.

 Now how to approach this most confusing and vast content to cost good marks is always a dilemma like situation for the applicants. If u see the pattern of marking by upsc in this paper u will find that it’s vary stoutly between 120s to 80s marks in times between. The scoring pattern is also vary in both sections as case study part cost good marks and core ethics give u average marks. 

strategy was to concentrate more on case study part to score 65 marks along with trying to get 45 marks in first section would takes u to get good enough score between 95 to 110 in any case.

And most importantly, you won’t have to army the motifs. You’ll enjoy the medication.

Within many weeks, your syllabus will be completed and you’ll get good marks on the paper. Still, you would realize that syllabus of Ethics is itself a stylish book If you look at all 5 Last former times Ethics papers.

An ethics paper isn’t about knowing propositions. It’s about using the keywords in answers. Its concentration must be on answer jotting.


Descriptive Ethics is about what people consider (or believed) to be correct or incorrect and, accordingly, defines mortal gestures that are accepted or not, or subject to discipline in law or custom.

Conventional ethics is a disquisition into propositions of ethics that define how people should bear. It examines the norms that determine the correctness and contradiction of opinions.

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude by-tirthankara-Roy Chowdhary Sir.

It. A complete book for GS-4 and you don’t have to relate to any other book for your civil services medication for the Ethics paper.

I’ve been tutoring Ethics on EDEN IAS for further than 2 times now with further than 98 standing by the scholars.

The first edition of the book was largely appreciated by civil services applicants. Still, I plant that there’s a lot of compasses for further enhancement.

I’ve noticed that presently, scholars have to relate to three books for the Ethics paper.

  • The first book for proposition medication
  • The alternate book for case- studies
  • The third book for Answered Problems of former times papers
  • 20 new chapters as compared to the first edition
  • 110 Answered Case Studies

Completely- answered Papers 2013-2020

  • 5 New Chapters to Master Answer- writing
  • 2 New Chapters to Master Case Studies
  • 11 Types of Strategies for Working Case Studies

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