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UPSC coaching

UPSC Coaching

UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) stands out to be one of the toughest examinations in the country. Undertaking such an examination in the very first place requires guts. Once you have made up your mind that you need to undertake this exam, all you require is a guided strategy. This guided strategy can work out better for you if fetched from a good coaching institute. But with an array of coaching institutions to get enroll in, which UPSC coaching one should you go for? This article will help you out.

EDEN IAS extends the best UPSC coaching ever!

Eden IAS Located in Karol Bagh, this UPSC coaching institute aims at offering you the best in each aspect, be it faculty, syllabus coverage, fees, or mock tests. Let’s analyze in detail how Eden IAS is better than other renowned coaching institutions:

  • Best faculty – With faculty members such as Mr. Tirthankar Rowchowdhary, Eden IAS has a wonderful team of mentors who not only help you with your preparation via lectures but also give you individual feedback and pep talk whenever the need of giving one emerges. They don’t teach in a haywire and complex manner. Their way of teaching is interactive and student-friendly so that you grasp the content easily. In addition to that, as the syllabus progresses, Eden IAS faculty sits on doubt counters as per their time slots and students can come to seek clarification on the topics that have been taught. Faculty is what makes a coaching institute good and this is where Eden IAS cuts the mustard down. 
  • Class strength – Class strength is indirectly proportional to your mind’s ability to grasp something. This is the reason why many students face discomfort during lectures where the classroom is packed with students. Taking care of this very concern, Eden classrooms have a restricted strength of 70 students. They divide the students into batches in such a manner that the classroom doesn’t seem too full and students can take their lectures comfortably.


  • Stringency – The best part about this coaching institute is that it doesn’t let you take things lightly be it your classes or lectures. They don’t even think twice before calling you or your parents if they find that you are lagging in attendance in lectures or tests. While this may sound bothersome, such stringency compels one to take coaching strictly guaranteeing his success in the exam.
  • Variety of courses – Be it a 12th grader or a graduate or a working person, Eden IAS is for anybody and everybody. The courses they offer span from 8 weeks to 3 years and deem fit as per your profession. Amongst the courses offered by Eden, “Lakshya”, “Utkarsh” and “Ethics Foundation” courses are the most popular ones.
  • Economical charges – And guess what? Eden IAS charges you with an amount that is pretty less as compared to what other coaching institutes charge you with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Without investing more time in brainstorming, visit https://edenias.com/ and get yourself enrolled in this UPSC coaching at the earliest.

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