SEO Trend 2021: 5 useful trends for the future

Among the 2021 SEO Trends, there are 5 that will allow you to climb the SERP today and for a long time to come. Because those who do SEO know that they can only get excellent results if they keep up!

The universe SEO.

Knowing the SEO Trends 2021 is fundamental, even more so considering that today 70% -80% of web traffic passes through organic search results – and 28% of these visits generate conversions truly effective SEO strategy not only follows the latest SEO trends but manages to handle them with care and rides on those that will establish themselves in the future.

Here are 5 top SEO 2021 trends to climb SERPs are web pages served to users when … now and for a long time.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 SEO for voice search
  • 2 Mobile-first, more and more
  • 3 The future belongs to Videos
  • 4 Image optimization
  • 5 Eyes on Artificial Intelligence
  • 6 SEO Trend 2021: the future of SEO

SEO for voice search

Voice research is a very relevant 2021 SEO Trend because it is destined to take hold more and more. The forecasts speak for themselves: by 2022 more than 55% of families will have a smart speaker at homes such as Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

To optimize content for voice search, we need to think about how we would search by voice for what we need on the web. We usually use long sentences for voice research, while when we type the query Whenever we look for something on an engine … in the search bar we are more concise.

The advice, therefore, is to choose long-tail keywords for voice search and discard the dry keywords. An example? If you are writing an article that talks about how to make a blog that displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest …in WordPress, choose the keyword “how to start a blog in WordPress” rather than “open a WordPress blog”.

Mobile-first, more and more

By 2025, more than 70% of users will browse exclusively from smartphones. It is no coincidence that one of the main factors ofrankingIn SEO, Ranking refers to the position in the ranking of search engines such as Google. Get a good ranking for relevant keywords for … of Google is precisely the usability of the mobile version of websites.

Those involved in SEO should optimize mobile-first, under penalty of exclusion from the SERP now and in the future most likely mobile only.

How to do it? With Google Search Console, you can evaluate the Usability report on mobile devices and inspect the URL

Then there is the question of lazy-loading, those contents that are not loaded automatically when the page is launched but require the user to click. Make sure Google plays lazy-loading content correctly, otherwise your website pages will load halfway.

The future belongs to Videos

The report The State of Video Marketing in 2020 of Wyzowl revealed that 87% of those who had set up a video marketing strategy for their website had increased considerably web traffic, while 81% noted that the video lengthening the time spent of visitors on each page. On the user side, 74% of respondents said they bought a product or service only after seeing a corporate video.

Video marketing has been a trend for a few years already, but it will grow again in 2021 and will continue to do so in the future: according to Cisco, the video will soon surpass all other content in terms of consumption.

And SEOs just have to participate in this great revolution and implement a video content strategy as soon as possible, as Google recently included them in featured snippets.

How to optimize video content? Here are 3 tips:

  1. Mobile-first: Video must be mobile-friendly, and Google Search Console can help you here, as we saw in the first paragraph.
  2. Keyword research: as you would do with a blog article or a web page, even to optimize a video for SEO it is necessary to carry out keyword research. In the case of videos, we assume that YouTube is the most used streaming platform, so we will choose the queries right there, typing the topic of our video in the search bar and observing for which keywords similar content is optimized. After identifying the keywords, we will evaluate their search volume and competitiveness with a keyword research tool.
  3. Voice transcription: including a transcription of speech is useful both to index the Google bot can better understand the transcribed video content – both to the user who can play the video without disturbing those around him.

Image optimization

It is expected that in the future images will guide users to purchase, for this reason, it is good to take care of the SEO optimization.

The images you choose for your website should be of high quality, in a visible position, and with captions. Remember to insert the alt tag, or alternative text, which is very important because it indicates the image content to the search engine, allows the user to view the image title when for some reason it is not visible and is used in screens reader for the blind.

Eyes on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a 2021 SEO Trend to watch. The applications of AI to the world of digital marketing As for SEO, Google launched the RankBrain algorithm in 2015 intending to return results that are more faithful to the queries typed in the search bar.

How does RankBrain work? The algorithm works based on a machine learning system that manages to create links between words and phrases to return more accurate search results, thus improving the user’s browsing experience.

How to optimize your site for RankBrain? Google rewards content that guarantees a quality User Experience, for this reason, it is advisable:

  • make sure the website is readable for the crawler
  • create useful and readable content
  • organize the contents
  • check page loading times, paying particular attention to file size and lazy-loading content

SEO Trend 2021: the future of SEO

Voice search, Mobile-first, Video Marketing, Image Optimization, and Artificial Intelligence are the trends of the future because, according to expert statistics, they will continue to establish themselves in the coming years without experiencing negative declines.

Knowing these trends and familiarizing yourself with them will help your business.

Are you already moving in this direction?

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