Reliable Ways to Convert PST to EML With Attachments

convert pst to eml

Summary: The Most common query among many Outlook users is “How do I convert PST to EML?” If you are such a user, then read this article. Here, in this blog, we will share the best manual methods to convert email from Outlook PST to EML format. As well as we will also discuss the professional PST Converter tool to make the conversion process quick and easy.

What is a PST Email File? PST (Personal Storage Table) is an Outlook data file that stores complete Outlook data like inbox, sent, draft, trash, etc. This file format has certain size limitations and is easily prone to corruption or malware attacks. On the other hand, EML is a type format that stores single messages in a single file. It is also widely supported by multiple email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, etc. To protect the data from getting corrupted and to easily access the data in different email clients, many users search for ways to convert PST to EML format. Before jumping to the solutions, let’s look at some common reasons for performing this conversion process.

Reasons to Convert PST to EML Format

There are several reasons why a user wants to convert PST files to EML format. You will know the steps to extract attachments from EML files using powershell. Here we have shared a few of them.

  • EML files are supported by different email clients and are easy to use.
  • It stores email in a single file.
  • Unlike PST, EML files only store the message body including the attachments.
  • This file format is easier to send to multiple users in the form of an attachment.
  • It is a plain text file and can be easily opened using any text editor.
  • EML file formats do not have any file size restrictions as they are comparatively small in size.

After going through the reasons, without any further delay, let’s discuss the various solutions to Convert email from Outlook PST to EML. However, converting your Gmail archive to a PST file for use with Microsoft Outlook can be achieved through various methods, from Google Takeout’s selective export to third-party conversion tools.

Manual Methods to Convert PST to EML With Attachments

In this section, we will explore two reliable and best manual methods to convert emails from Outlook PST to EML Python. There are two methods using which users can perform the conversion of PST files to EML file format.

  1. Using the Mozilla Thunderbird account 
  2. Converting PST files to EML file format Using the Outlook account.

#Method 1: Using Mozilla Thunderbird

Follow the step-wise guide carefully to perform the PST to EML conversion process manually.

  • Run the Mozilla Thunderbird on your device.
  • Now, click on the Tools menu and then on the Import option.
  • A new wizard opens, select the Import Everything option and click on Next.
  • Now, choose Outlook and again click on Next.
  • After the process is finished, select all emails and then tap on the Save As option.
  • Select the location as per your preference to save the EML files.
  • Now, all your emails are converted into EML format.

#Method 2: Using Outlook Account

To convert PST to EML through the Outlook account, just use the drag-and-drop method.

  • Launch Outlook and select the Outlook emails you want to convert.
  • Drag and Drop the selected emails on your desktop.
  • The emails are saved with the .eml file extension on your desktop.

Users can easily convert PST files to EML format using these methods. However, they can face difficulties in performing this method as it requires good technical knowledge. Some of the other drawbacks of this software are shared below.

Downsides of the Manual Method

  • It is a tedious and time-consuming process.
  • Data Mismanagement can take place.
  • There can be a repetition of the same data file.
  • Users can not save the attachments separately.
  • There can be a repetition of similar emails.
  • Users can face difficulties in converting large PST files using these methods.

Hence, these drawbacks do not make this method an ideal solution. So, now the question arises “How to convert PST files to EML without Outlook?” Many tech experts prefer using the professional PST Converter to convert PST files to EML format.

Professional Solution to Convert PST to EML with Attachments

One of the best solutions to batch export PST files to EML  is by using a safe and reliable PST File Converter. This method facilitates the bulk conversion of PST files in just a few clicks. It provides a smooth conversion of PST while keeping the data structure intact throughout the conversion process. This method provides 100% accurate results and prevents any data alteration during the process. Using this approach, users can also convert PST files to PDF, MSG, MBOX, CSV, etc. Moreover, users can also import PST to G Suite, Gmail, Thunderbird, AOL, Office 365, IMAP, etc.

How to Convert Email with Attachments to PDF?

Converting emails with attachments to PDFs can be done in three ways: using Microsoft Outlook’s built-in “Print to PDF” function for PST files, using free online converters for both PST and EML files, or employing dedicated conversion software for enhanced features and batch processing. The choice depends on your desired ease, file size limitations, and budget. Remember to check specific software offerings and limitations before choosing your preferred method.

Forget email attachment purgatory! PowerShell swoops in like a data-wrangling superhero, extracting those buried treasures from pesky PST files with ease. Picture it: no more endless clicking, no more document hunts – just automated scripts magically plucking out attachments and organizing them into your very own oasis of order.

Steps to Convert PST Files to EML Format

  • Install and Run the Software on your device.
  • Click on the Select Files/Folders options and add the PST files.
  • Tick the PST Mailbox items from the tree structure. Click Next.
  • Now, opt for EML as the resultant file format from the drop-down menu.
  • Opt for other conversion processes from the displayed features.
  • Finally, click on the Convert button to start the PST to EML file conversion.

Additional Features of the PST Converter Software

  • This tool helps to eliminate duplicate emails from the conversion process.
  • The Date filter enables converting selective emails of a set date range.
  • Users can opt to save to attachments separately while using this software.
  • This tool prevents any data alteration during the conversion process.
  • During the entire conversion process, it does not disrupt folder originality.

Thus, many tech experts prefer using the professional method to batch export PST to EML file using the professional tool. It helps to achieve desired results in less time with 100% accuracy. It also helps to maintain data structure throughout the conversion process and does not cause any data loss.


In the above article, we have shared the best reliable methods to convert PST to EML. We have shared both the manual and professional procedures in detail. You can opt for the desired method by going through the above article. The manual approach comes with certain limitations, therefore, we would recommend you use the professional approach.