Netgear Orbi purple light: Quick Ways to Fix

Have you recently been seeing a Netgear Orbi purple light appear on your Orbi? Perhaps your ORBI has a beep from a magenta-colored LED? Are you wondering what to do to fix the Netgear Orbi purple light problem? Or why

There are numerous reasons for this problem. It could be due to the placement of the router or the waves generated by ovens microwaves, mobiles, or even microwaves can trigger these problems. In this instance there is only one way to boost Wi-Fi signals is to connect another router.

Don’t panic and don’t reach Netgear technical support right now. We’ll help you navigate the steps necessary to fix the issue with your purple light.

Why Orbi Blinking Purple Light

Are you seeing a flashing purple light appearing on Orbi router? We’ll explain what causes Orbi emits a red lights or a dark-pink light errors. Most likely, the main reason behind the purple light in Orbi WiFi systems is a problem with the network.

  • Solid Pink or Magenta LEDs may light up Orbi because of the most commonly cited cause i.e. problems with the internet.
  • In the event that Orbi satellite sync fails and it displays a purple LED’s on Orbi as a sign of Orbi router being unable for connection to satellite.
  • The wires or cables of Orbi router/modems are damaged or are broken.
  • Orbi shown Magenta light when there’s a issue with the connectivity problem. Contact your ISP in case the issue occurs before.
  • WLAN Port of Orbi WiFi could be connected an unattached or loosely connected RJ45 Ethernet cable.
  • Orbi flashing light in purple if there is a change to the Orbi router configuration.
  • Maintaining Orbi WiFi unoccupied or in idle conditions could cause Orbi shining dark red light.
  • The firmware that is damaged or not up to date also contribute to blocking your access to of wi-fi networks. It can result in Orbi being stuck in the magenta LED.
  • Certain malicious files can accidentally enter the Orbi WiFi system. When downloading firmware from non-reliable sources.
  • Could be that it that you’re Orbi Satellite or Router has an issue with the hardware. ( Talk to your retailer) and may request to replace or repair your WiFi network.

Troubleshooting Steps for Orbi Pink Light Issue

  1. It is necessary to connect the ethernet cable to link the WAN port to that router’s WAN port.
  2. Then, you must join the power adapter from the modem to your Orbi router.
  3. Then connect it to an electrical outlet. You must then switch on the modem.
  4. You must connect your computer to it to Orbi’s LAN connection of your Orbi login go through with
  5. Connect it to the LAN port of any slot on your computer.
  6. You must attach the power adapter on your router and then connect it to your power outlets.
  7. Now, hit the power button that is on the rear of the router to turn it on.
  8. You will then have to verify the status of the LED prior to being able to turn it on. Verify if you are receiving Orbi Pink Light Orbi Pink Light or not?
  9. After that, open the web browser using your computer that is connected to the LAN of the router.
  10. Update the firmware of your Netgear Orbi router along with Orbi satellite. Orbi satellite.

Sync Your Router & Satellite

According to some users sync between the satellite and router resolved the issue of Netgear Orbi purple light. This process must be carried out in a timely manner.

  1. Make sure the satellite is connected to the power source. Turn it on.
  2. Hit the SYNC button to your Orbi router. Press the SYNC button.
  3. Click and hold down on the SYNC button of Your Orbi satellite for two minutes.
  4. It will take 3 to 10 minutes for complete the syncing. When the devices sync the satellite should display the satellite with a orbi blinking white light.


It is important to look at the lighting that comes from your Orbi. Keep in mind that different colors indicate if the Orbi is operating in good shape or if there is something wrong.

A light in the form of a purple could indicate an insecure or blocked connection or isn’t synced with the router. Simply follow the suggestions and instructions in the above paragraphs and your device should be in good working order.

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