How to Enable and Disable Daisy Chain Topology On Netgear Orbi?

Daisy Chain Topology

 orbi daisy chain Topology

 “Daisy chaining” is a network term that describes how network devices can connect. Orbi WiFi and Nighthawk Mesh Systems support Daisy Chain Topology and star network layouts. In a daisy chain, you can connect satellites to the router via other satellites.

With this firmware upgrade, you can now connect your Orbi satellites to extend the coverage of your Orbi WiFi system.

This technology is best used for houses that have many floors or have a high floor plan. This means that if an internet connection is established on one side of your home and you need WiFi coverage on the other side, then enabling the Orbi Daisy Chain can be a big help.

Here are the steps to enable Daisy Orb Chain on your WiFi system

1. Make sure your Orbi is properly configured before starting the process.

2. Also, don’t forget that the orbi LED ring is on.

3. Once you done get access to a computer and open any web browser on your device.

Note: It is recommended that you open an up-to-date web browser that is not cluttered with unwanted caches and cookies. 

4. Enter orbilogin in the web address bar of your browser and press oky.

5. After this step, you will be on the login page of your orbi system.

6. Fill proper details in to required field like username and password. Remember that username and password always Case-sensitive

Note: If you change the default credentials after setting up the orbi, you must use the personal information to be successful in the orbi process.

7. Once you’ve reached your Orbi’s dashboard, go to Settings and select

8. Then find the option to enable Orbi daisy chain topology in your wireless settings.

9. Select the checkbox with the Orbi Daisy Chain option and click Apply.

Here are Steps to Disable Netgear Daisy Chain Topology

Turn on the Netgear Orbi

Start by plugging the Netgear Orbi into an electrical outlet. Enter the Power button and the power light turns green.

Connect your WiFi devices

Get an Ethernet cable and connect the Netgear Orbi router to the current modem. You can also connect your devices to a wireless source.

Sync your Orbi devices

The next step in line is to plug your Netgear Orbi satellite into an electrical outlet. Press the power button. Then synchronize your router and Orbi satellite by pressing the Sync button on your two devices.


Once your Orbi devices are properly synchronized, turn on your computer and launch your web browser. You are free to use any browser as long as it is updated. Also, make sure that your cache, cookies, and browsing history are cleared.

Do not type orbilogin in the address bar of the Internet browser and press the Enter key. You can also use the default IP address to log in to the Netgear Orbi router.

Log in to Your Netgear Orbi

If you are on the Netgear Orbi login page, enter your default username and password and click Login to continue.

Disable Netgear Daisy Chain

From the BASIC home screen, go to Settings> Wireless Settings and follow these steps:

  • The Wireless Settings page appears.
  • Select the Enable Daisy Chain Topology check box.
  • Click the Apply button.

In some cases, changes you make to your device may be effective.


Our guide to enable the Netgear topology on the Netgear Orbi WiFi system ends here. We hope that after following the steps in this post, you will be able to enable and disable this feature on your device. Still you are facing problem then visit

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