Important Features to Look For in a CRM in 2022


Customer management is tough and crucial for any business. CRM tools are used to contain information for business and sales. Customer Relationship Management software can collect the data and store that to use in the future for preparing strategies.

CRM not only manages contacts but also boosts sales by keeping the data according to market trends. It helps businesses save workforce and money. It automates sales processes and improves the productivity and revenue of a business.

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Top 10 Features of a CRM

Here are some of the top features that a CRM should have to provide smooth functionality, quality integration, and proper strategy.


Every business is unique as per the industry, project, and idea. The ideal Customer Relationship Management for any business has the option to provide customised solutions. Adding and placing extensions, plugins, and add-ons expand the capabilities of a CRM that help in the expansion of business.

CRM should have an option that gives the flexibility to choose the feature to include for your business. You can further customise a CRM with the help of APIs, which is also useful in the streamlined process.

Third-Party Integration

Every CRM needs third-party integration for additional functionalities and streamlined operations, saving time. Third-party integrations automatically sync sales and reduce the efforts of manually entering every data.

It is also useful in running marketing campaigns from emails and syncing with cloud platforms to store critical data.

Workflow Automation

Choose a CRM that automates the workflow by forcing automation to be more productive. Setting up a Customer Relationship Management that triggers operations as per the needs is very helpful. 

Options like sending no-reply messages on receiving messages that help leads to convert easily. CRM should contain all the information and make reports for further use.

CRM Analytics

Analytics is very useful in finding insights and making a strategy based on that. It is a very important option in a CRM as it is helpful in making decisions about the types of products and services that are there to offer.

Informative web analytics gives deep information about ROI to understand how users are inclined towards a particular service or product and what can be done to make a business more scalable.

Social Media Management

Many CRMs include social media management features. It is one of the most important features because it reduces the workforce and has built-in social media monitoring features. This allows you to manage your social media account on your own.
It is a very useful feature that identifies demand and provides insight into the customer base by combining social media with CRM. It is also necessary when customising the social media strategy.

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Employee Performance Tracking

CRM with performance tracking is the best way to keep up with employee activity and performance. It is useful for meeting scheduling and task management. 

CRMs are not just limited to managing user data and traffic. This feature improves productivity and gives an overall performance analysis to the company.

Customer Care

A CRM should have good customer support in order to excel in business. It gives an overall track to customer demands and builds authority. There are third-party integrations available for completing this process. 

Customer services help a business to keep track of visitors, history of purchases, and other activities for future reference. Email templates are used by many CRM for faster responses, and you can choose a CRM with that feature.

Lead Management

In any CRM, the goal is to increase sales with customer data. It is a very helpful feature to filter the adequate audience and easy conversions. Real-time data is useful in making better marketing decisions and helps in increasing sales.

A CRM should contain some of the basic features like filtering on the basis of demand, supply, and priority to achieve better results. Complete campaign tracking can also be done with the help of CRMs.

AI Automation

Artificial Intelligence has its effects on every software and every industry. With AI-focused Customer Relationship Management, it is easy to filter leads and manage them according to the deadline. There are CRMs that are a good choice for improved functionality of a business.

It affects several aspects, like sales automation, email marketing, analytics, and maintaining a database. A CRM should have features to predict sales based on user data. Making a strong plan according to sales demand keeps a business ahead of its competitors. It is used to minimise market risks and help the business grow to the fullest.

Self Service Options

With chatbots handling FAQ responses, this functionality saves the team time and effort. With the use of chatbots, a user can learn the basics of fundamental enquiries.
In order to keep users interested and increase conversions, these chatbot solutions offer each user a personalised choice, pose pertinent questions, and offer helpful answers. In order to provide a personal touch, it also provides customised quotes with simple templates.

Choose the Best CRM for Your Business

There are plenty of CRMs in the market, but you should go with the best for your business types after looking at all the features. From general needs to improved sales performance, a good CRM can help a business grow big time. 

Trends like voice assistant and engaging UI are also helpful in CRM, and these are integrated with this to manage user data. You should go for a certified CRM partner like Hubspot agency London or a Salesforce agency as these CRMs are frontrunners in the market as of now with all the specifications.

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