How to eliminate the fear of the IELTS exam?

The IELTS exam always brings shivers down the spine of a plethora of candidates. Especially students from non-English backgrounds dread the exam to a greater extent. They think that they need to compete with top-notch competitors. Apart from it, they get nervous even at the thought of interacting with native English speakers. Let us tell you, it is crucial to overcome your fear to properly focus on preparation as well as in the exam. Make sure to be fully prepared and in a good state of mind to perform confidently in the exam. 

Well, the IELTS exam is a monster you need to battle with. If you are lacking confidence, then there is a high probability you will lose the battle. On the contrary, students who are confident, calm and relaxed have high chances to crack the exam and win this battle. So, read this article meticulously to know the tips that will help you eliminate the exam fear. 

It has been observed that the IELTS exam robs the students of their confidence and leaves them stressed and anxious. Numerous students lose their ability to think clearly because of excess panic. Well, leave all your worries aside and get ready to overcome your fear. This article will help you prepare productively for the upcoming IELTS exam. So, check the IELTS exam date from the official website of the exam conducting bodies and start your preparation confidently. 

Here are some tips that will help you ward off your fear to prepare efficiently for the IELTS exam: 

  • Fear of missing important points in the listening section

Candidates preparing for the IELTS exam generally fear skipping some important points in the listening module. They constantly think about whether they will be able to follow the recording or not. Do you know the reason behind this anxiety? It is a lack of confidence and poor focus which let them doubt their worth. The only solution to eliminate this fear is ‘practice’. The more you practice listening, the more you gain confidence. Confidence is all you need to control fear. So, try to inculcate a habit of listening as much as you can.

You can listen to English songs, podcasts and some audio clips to make yourself able to understand various accents. Moreover, you can practice some listening mock tests to identify your weaknesses as well as strengths. This analysis will help you overcome your shortcomings to strengthen your preparation. Make sure to start your preparation at least 3-4 months prior to the exam date. You can check out the IELTS and PTE exam date from the official website of the exam conducting bodies to craft your schedule accordingly. 

  • Anxiety of going beyond time

Whether it is an academic exam or the IELTS exam, the majority of students fear going beyond time while attempting the exam. If we talk about the IELTS test, students fear to complete the reading section on time. We all know that the reading section includes three paragraphs along with 40 questions. Aspirants need to read all these huge passages to solve these 40 questions within 60 minutes. Well, the supreme reason behind this terror is poor time management. Note that you can’t complete the reading section on time with poor time management skills. 

Well, time management is directly proportional to your speed. So, first, you need to focus on improving your speed. To improve the speed to read effortlessly, you can ingrain a habit of reading newspapers, articles and magazines. Moreover, to upgrade the speed of solving questions, you can practice mock tests regularly.  It is advisable to manage your time in such a way so as to complete your reading task 10-12 minutes before the specified time. You can utilize the last minutes to check your questions again or to solve any unsolved questions. 

  • Fear of getting out of idea while writing

Aspirants who do not have a habit of writing and exploring things can find themselves in this awkward situation. In the writing section, you will get on the spot topic, and one can only elaborate if he/she is a good reader and a great observer. Moreover, it is crucial to have knowledge regarding what is happening around to write some general topics. It may be a strenuous task to put your thoughts on a paper but you need to keep in mind that you must focus on how to write rather than what to write. You should explain your topic in a presentable way with the correct use of grammar and a wide vocabulary. 

To enhance your writing skills, you should write essays on different topics. Moreover, you can read essays and articles by different authors to observe their mindset. This will help you to express your ideas in a presentable and impressive way. Are you preparing for the IELTS exam and want to know the upcoming IELTS exam date? If yes, you can visit the official website of exam conducting bodies and choose any exam date of your choice. 

  • Worried to speak something wrong

The speaking section generally tests one’s ability to speak fluently. In addition, it analyzes whether a candidate is using correct grammar and a wide range of vocabulary or not.  Students from a non-English background get panicked to express their ideas because of unclear grammar concepts. Sometimes, they can’t even understand what the speaker is saying and get off-topic. Therefore, to ace this section, you need to master your skills to speak, fluently, accurately with slight pauses. The best possible way to score desirable bands in the speaking module is to switch your daily conversation to English. You can discuss different topics with your friends and family to boost your confidence. In case your friends and family are not able to speak in English, you can talk to yourself. When you become habitual of talking in English, it will surely enhance your confidence and control your fear. 

If you want to apply for the IELTS exam, you can check out the IELTS and PTE exam date from the official website of the exam conducting bodies. 

Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, no rigid rules are applicable to score bands in the IELTS exam. You just need to eliminate your fear factor to perform brilliantly in the exam. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to fend off all the terrific thoughts from your mind. 

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