How To Earn Extra Cash With Car On Rent To Companies In Pakistan?

I was sitting in the office, starting my day. My phone rang. My HR manager, Andy, informed me about my job loss, I will have to look for another job. She told me to visit the head office, to get my outstanding dues cleared.


I was speechless, I wasn’t expecting it. My eyes poured, with tears. Eliza was sitting, next to me. She just hugged me, “Jean, Are you fine”? “Yes Eliza, I just lost this job.”


She told me, to stop getting upset; she had proposed a solution for it. We just sat in the nearby cafe. It was the famous Starbucks.


We enjoyed the surroundings, which were full of people, chatting and laughing. It helped me calm down my nerves.


I liked the coffee, with the cake. She gave me an idea, how to give car on rent to companies in Pakistan. We were living in the capital Islamabad.


I was in a state of denial. The main reason was that I didn’t have any idea about it. 


Eliza shared some contacts with me, on WhatsApp. We had a detailed 2 hours, discussion on it. I am going to share the details:


  • Vehicle Inspection:

  My car was a used one. I booked an appointment with my mechanic, he told me, to change the brake shoes; it was also difficult for me to apply the brakes.  I also purchased the new brake cylinder, which was also not working.


 Although it cost me a huge amount, it was worth it because, my car could have broken down, during the renting period. It could also cost me a huge maintenance bill.



  • Type of Documents:

   My vehicle registration was still valid, so I needn’t worry about it. I always kept it safe in my purse. I received my driving license, 10 years ago.

 The other important, piece of paper was to get a commercial permit. Any car or any other type of vehicle cannot be rented out, without it. It’s a crime.


 It was necessary to put everything, on paper; a leasing agreement could be in place. This legal document, allows, rent my car for a week and can go on until a year.


 I had all the important, clauses like security deposit, which is for any damage caused by, the rentee. 


The other clause could be

  •  A rent amount
  • Car details
  • Payment terms


 These are some of the features, of any good leasing contract. This brought both renter and rentee, on common terms.


  • Getting started:

  During early days, it was a little tough, to get clients; I had to meet, many people, face to face. Even I did meeting with people on Zoom. I had to make contacts, on LinkedIn. I even visited many exhibitions, which helped me to get to know more people.


 It was important, to do networking, with few months, down the road, I was able to connect to more people. They helped me getting more contracts.


 My initial income was low. The main reason, was, to penetrate into, giving my car on rent. I also started ads on different listing websites, across Pakistan. People and companies called me for rates.


 I used organizing, dates, on the Google Calendar, it was vital, because, in this, way I was up to the date, and I precisely knew, about the next date and time for the next contract.


 I also hired a mechanic, on a part-time, basis, in order to give my car a quick fix. Jack was ready to come down, for any instant check-up of my car.


 After few months, I received more calls, for my car, but it was already booked, for that time slot.




 This business, started, to mature, I also started giving advice to other people on how to give car on rent to companies in Pakistan. It was a good feeling, that I was able to guide them. 


 Many of them appreciated me, for the hard work, and patience, during this journey. I was overwhelmed by the emails, and WhatsApp calls, people did, just to show their affection, and even send me a bunch of flowers, and cakes, when their business reached the breakeven point.


 I thanked them all. All the people gathered in my home, I threw a party on Christmas, just to celebrate my success, with Eliza, and my clients. It was a big day, in my life.


 When Eliza and I cut the cake, all the people, around us clapped. It was a memorable day in my life. We took photos and shared them on my Facebook; the video was uploaded on my YouTube Chanel.


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