Muslims of the Sub-continent

Muslims India Pakistan Subcontinent

A dominant view among several writers in Pakistan has been that the majority Muslim population of Pakistan and Bangladesh are privileged to hold important positions in civil/military bureaucracy, judiciary, and parliament, while Muslim children have the choice to attend centers of learning right from schools to colleges and universities vis-à-vis India. Read more about Muslims …

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Hunza Valley Pakistan History

All glory to nature for gifting magical beauty to the land of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). GB provides a complex cultural and geographical mosaic for travelers from around the globe, accentuated by topographical complexity, seasonal changes, and ethnic heterogeneity. GB has a meager population of 1.4 million but, oddly, people with special pronunciation understand 10 different languages …

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What is Sufism?

What is Sufism? Sufism in Islam Fictionistic.com

What is Sufism?Writer: Zufeshan Iqbal In every age, in every class, and in every religion, there are people in the world who convey to the world the message of brotherhood, peace, love, and brotherhood. These people are called Sufis. These people seek to lose themselves in their caste and to know its reality. There is …

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