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Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood”: An Analysis

norwegian wood

Modern Japanese author Haruki Murakami has created a lot of interesting works. According to his confession, none of them is autistic. Read Murakami not everyone tolerates. Often, his novels are too long, but he certainly has a philosophy. One of the strengths of Murakami’s work – “Norwegian wood” will be the subject of our research, that summary, analysis, and other interesting facts that can be taken from the book.

At First, there was song

How amazing is it that this author manages to delve into the issues raised and at the same time not forget to draw parallels with reality? Those who are familiar with the product before asking the question, where the name. Murakami is not original here. The title comes from the famous song “Beatles” Norwegian wood, which literally translates to “Norwegian Wood.” This is also mentioned in the novel. The natural environment is the forest theme and the study of Murakami separately. “Norwegian Wood” contains colorful descriptions of Tokyo neighborhoods which is a plot action. (And this book – that’s it) If you are not a fan of the large volume of work, we will analyze the individual storylines, the analysis of the characters, and the actions of the characters, but will give readers the result of critical reviews and evaluations With help, it’s worth spending time on this novel.

What I got

This work caused a lot of conflicting opinions. Some thought that the novel could badly affect the minds of teenagers (and not only) others thought it was a good example of evaluating yourself and your life. Specifically, create interesting quotes. “Norwegian Wood” Murakami contains a wonderful number of interesting, enlightening sayings. Some of these wings have become words. Fans of the novel and the author’s work often use them in conversation. But far more important, given the philosophy of this work, such quotations will help to better understand the characters, their thoughts and actions.

Path of an artist

For many years, the work continued on the creation of the book, also Haruki Murakami. “Norwegian Wood”, a summary of which is to be seen below, was released in 1987. Almost immediately, he was recognized as one of the best sellers in Japan. However, this is not surprising. No author’s creation instantly resonates with readers, going to be the best-selling product.

A characteristic of Murakami as a writer is the need to preach to the reader about the plight of the common man. They can be anyone. Often, the characters occupy different positions, age, and status. So, as to say no one should complement themselves more than others, the author equated all on one level. Everyone can decide for themselves whether properly fed or not Haruki Murakami. This call reviews a social drama in which “Norwegian Wood” tells the story of the young generation living in the mid-1960s. The students of the University of Tokyo do not want to follow the procedure (that government established) and therefore oppose the principles. Faced with difficult times and country in society as a whole, all of them (e.g., the main character named Tooru) forced inside me.


In a special way, his main character Haruki Murakami produces. “Norwegian Wood” introduces the reader to two Watanabe Tooru – young and middle-aged men. The latter is a storyteller. Mostly I remember the past when I was a university student, and when, in fact, there were highlights in his life. Example Tooru shares with readers have been an interesting life by advice. Given the philosophical motivational works, readers should not think about Tooru’s life, but rather to draw parallels with it.

Topics for each generation

Was his work Murakami created for the audience? “Norwegian Wood” is not designed for a specific reader. The book may come to mind as the teenage generation, and people stepped on the threshold of maturity. The novel is based on matters of loss and sexual maturity. The main character is attached to the general enthusiasm of those who were suicidal, going through the tragedy of best friend, and was satisfied with the level of existence of other students. An already confused attitude to life is gone, the author adds to the intensity of the plot: Tooru meets the opposite of the girls who lured him into a whirlpool of two events simultaneously. He also has a choice to make: live, emotional Madura, or charming, but inside Yamazaki?

In fact, the story has multiple times to jump at different intervals. It can also be called a special technique, by Murakami. “Norwegian Wood” begins its long “journey” in Germany where 37-year-old Tooru listens to Norwegian wood. Suddenly nostalgia leads to sadness and longing. Mentally, Watanabe, far from returning to the ’60s, changed his present and future.

Mental burden, burden from tragedy

Began to do with normal memories, soon turned into a life. It’s hard to describe Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian wood” product in a few words. Executive summary dramatic stories, the author put in the book in which important promises can not be preached. Yet for those who are still unfamiliar with it, show a little background.

Already known with Kidzuki, as Tooru friend for many years. As a result, the girlfriend is associated with Yamazaki. Each character feels like a part of a “gang”. The sudden decision to break up the mutual friend brings Watanabe’s own life and brings the girl closer. Together they experienced a tragedy: Tooru felt the breath of death everywhere, and Yamazaki seemed the lost part of himself. On his 20th birthday, he is involved with Tooru love, then wondering whether the man had his real desire or physical desire. The hero is imbued with sympathy for the girl, but understands that the veil of his soul is not so easy to “break through”

Knowledge of Difficulties

What is the first impression of reading the novel “Norwegian Wood” by H. Murakami? Reader reviews explain these complex tasks. Individual episodes stretch too long, and some can be significantly reduced while retaining the essence of things. But such is the Japanese writer’s writing technique. Such products are likely to be news, it is necessary to reach at least one white hair. On the contrary, it should be noted that the younger readers are easily recognized in the understanding to set forth. Well, each to its own. The only thing that can not be advised correctly so that it is familiar with the book in case of depression. Psychological instability threatens dangerous consequences.


“Norwegian Wood” is expected to succeed globally. After the novel sold millions of copies and many times, fans wondered whether it was shot on the film is republished? The screen version came out in 2010, including a limited release in Russia. The nominee for the Venice Film Festival was marked with the same name paid for the budget spent. According to the viewer who has read the work before, the painting fully reflects the main ideas of the original novel.

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