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Don’t we think it’s ironic that the places we are meant to go when we are sick are not often possible in our compromised state of wellness? We must go to the doctor, if for no other reason than to acquire a doctor’s certificate for work or school. We must go to the pharmacy, with many other sick people in attendance. To get scripts filled so that we can begin our road to recovery. We must go to the medical centre, often with many other people in the waiting room. Where there is a seemingly endless queue of patients ahead of us and the desire to keep it moving does not appear urgent. It is the last place that we want to be. Being that usually those places of preference when we are not well are dramatically reduced to the bed or the couch. 

I heard a doctor say once that he knew the request for a doctor’s certificate was legitimate, along with the state of their well being. When they arrived in his clinic looking a bit unkempt, worse for wear. From personal experience, I can attest to the way in which I present at a doctors office or the hospital. Being a strong indication of how unwell I am. I have arrived in hospital in my pyjamas more than once. Not having the energy to care about what I look like because it is being spent on not throwing up, or not losing consciousness. 

Ambulances are a vital service of course, based on the cases where people are in a situation or physical state that they cannot resolve for themselves. Not too long ago I had what is known as an ‘Addisonian Crisis’. It sounds bleak, and in many cases, it can be. From arriving at a cafe with a friend of mine, feeling absolutely fine, to being unable to speak to him for severe lack of energy within the space of minutes. I was fortunate enough to be with a friend who knew my medical history and finally made the call to get an ambulance to take me to hospital. Being that my lack of adrenaline had rendered me unable to speak. I could not have called the ambulance myself, much less have gotten myself to hospital. 

Online chemists are also necessary for these instances. When people do not have the benefits of family or community to attend to their illnesses. Online chemists can give people the opportunity to get prescriptions filled. And other medication sent directly to them, alleviating the need for a third party to run the errand for them. For people who are physically debilitated, such as those with immobilising injuries and/or elderly. Online chemists can be an absolute saving grace. For the elderly, especially. I think it is important that they are able to preserve a sense of independence – as much as they can be afforded within the latter years of their life. 

Australia is an incredibly fortunate country in terms of our healthcare structure. With many services available to alleviate the inconveniences that are made more so by the fact that they exist because of our sickness. Those such as online chemists and ambulance services are an integral part of our country’s success in this field. 

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