Deciding to place a senior family member in a nursing home is seldom easy. However, more likely than not, you have little choice in the matter. With old age, our parents and grandparents are often not fit to care for themselves and need round-the-clock medical assistance. Regardless of how devoted you are to them, providing them with the care they need is impossible, given the tough work routine and other responsibilities. Hence, this makes a nursing home the only logical option.

With the decision to place your loved one in a nursing home taken, the next hurdle that comes your way is finding a suitable facility. With thousands of nursing homes operating, finding the perfect fit can be challenging. You must consider several important factors, such as amenities, services, staff, etc. If you need help choosing the ideal nursing home, check out the tips below and recommendations from people who have gone through this process. 

1. Check Staff Credentials

When picking a nursing home, the first thing you need to check is the credentials and capability of the staff to whose care you will entrust your loved one. A good nursing home employs several healthcare professionals, including nurses, care providers, counselors, and physicians. However, many nursing homes operate mainly through volunteers who need more formal training or qualification. Therefore, we regularly hear about tragedies such as fatal injuries being caused to elderly persons leading to nursing home wrongful death, or the senior residents abused by staff members and more. Consequently, it is essential to check if the nursing home has qualified staff capable of caring for your loved one.

2. Visit the Facility

Visiting the facility is an essential step in picking the right nursing home. You can get answers to several questions and concerns that you have in your mind at the nursing home. You will first-hand get to see the lodging facilities, amenities, recreational activities, staff behavior, and the state of the existing residents. It will give you a fair idea of what to expect and help you decide whether the facility will suit your loved one. A pro tip is to see the nursing home without scheduling a visit. In this way, you will see the space, the staff, and the residents in their routine and give you a more accurate picture of the facility.

3. Location 

Just because you’re leaving a family member in a nursing home does not mean you want to cut them out of your life. You still want to visit them regularly and spend time with them easily. For this, you need to ensure that the nursing home is not too far from your home so you can make the trip whenever you want. Additionally, make sure that the facility you choose offers flexible visiting hours for family members, so your loved one doesn’t feel isolated. 

4. Affordability

We all want to give the very best to our family, especially in their old age when they’re unwell and need extra care. Naturally, when looking for a nursing home, your feelings are bound to be like ‘money is no object.’ However, money is an object, and you must consider this before making a final decision. In an emotional overdrive, you might place your loved one at one of the best facilities and use your savings to pay for it. However, the savings are bound to run out at one point. Ask yourself what you would do then. 

Nursing homes, in general, are the most expensive care facilities for seniors. Hence, when you inevitably can’t afford the luxurious facility after a few months or years, you will have no choice other than to switch nursing homes. We guarantee this change would be challenging for your senior to deal with, as stability is essential in old age. A better option is to find an affordable facility to easily provide care and stability to your loved one in one place. 

5. Check for References

The last and final tip to choosing the right nursing home is to ask around and get testimonials from others who have stayed at or have had a loved one stay at the facility. Do your homework and find people previously living at the facility or reach out to the families of past or existing nursing home residents. People who have had a personal experience with the facility will be able to answer many of your concerns and give you a more balanced picture of the place, both good and bad. An unbiased view and insight into the nursing home will make a choice much simpler for you. 

Final Words

Regardless of how much time you spend finding the right nursing home, leaving your loved one there will undoubtedly be one of the most challenging decisions of your life. However, with a good nursing home, you will have the peace of mind that they will get the proper care. Using the above tips, you can be sure to find the perfect nursing home where your loved one can be looked after properly and also be part of a happy and healthy community.