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Features to look upon when booking a Party Venue

When you are looking for a Party Venue for 1000 Guest in Melbourne, you will be looking for a venue that has everything you are looking for.

Features a party venue should possess-


The first thing you will be looking at is the location of the venue. It must be convenient to all your guests, and it must also have the features that you are looking for.

Television and music

If you want to have some music during your Event, then the venue that features a state-of-the art sound system and a wide screen television is perfect for your needs. Music can draw a crowd, so make sure that the music you select is what your guests are expecting. In addition, make sure that the audio and video systems are easy to use and operate.


The venue should feature a fantastic buffet that will please every foodie. ThisParty Venue for 1000 Guest in Melbourne should offer numerous different menus, including finger food. Make sure that you choose a menu that is appropriate for the number of guests that are attending the event.

On- site restaurant

One brilliant feature this venue can possess is its on-site restaurant. It may feature a huge restaurant that is open to the general public, so you will have access to tasty food at any time.

Music and DJ

A popular type of music features events that feature popular music of any type. If you want your guests to enjoy a selection of music that they would not normally expect at a birthday party, wedding reception or event, then the chosen venue should be perfect for your needs. With this feature you will be able to provide your guests with the type of music that they expect during the event. A DJ will take care of selecting the music for your guests to hear.

Photo booth

If you want your guests to remember your special day, then consider including photo booth rental San Francisco in your event. This venue feature will allow your guests to take a picture with their favourite celebrity. You will have the opportunity to select which celebrity you would like to have as your Guest of Honour. Your guests can then take home a unique photograph as a keepsake of this incredible event. This Party Venue for 1000 Guest in Melbourne can feature an indoor photo booth that is easy to use. Your guests will love being able to capture memories of you and your guests at this special event.

Dance floors

If you are looking for a venue for a corporate event, then consider adding a dance floor to your venue. This is a great way to attract party guests of all ages. This feature will allow you to feature your own dance music as well as music from your sponsors. The dance floor will also offer your guests the opportunity to mingle with other guests.

This Party Venue for 1000 Guest in Melbourne which you are booking should offer indoor and outdoor dance floors that can accommodate an additional guest seating areas as well. Nowadays, you can book such venues over online on websites like which will not only arrange you a venue but will plan your entire party with ease.

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