Exercises and Tips Making Deadlifting and Other Easier


Tall guys have an advantage on the basketball court and others, but it may not be so when they are lighting weight in the gym. With long limbs, something around 6 foot 5, it can be challenging to fit the gym machine and traditional weight exercises. How to deal with this?

As important bodybuilding tips for men, one needs to adjust the training and change equipment as and when required. This is mainly done to accommodate the long levers. So, tall guys can follow some tips to relax limbs better when doing weight lifting and other exercises.

Can Conventional Deadlift Help?

According to Iron Man Magazine deadlift for tall guys can be challenging as it is about understanding how much weight one can lift from the floor. Irrespective of one’s height, in deadlifting, one has to pick the weight 9 inches above the ground. As taller guys have longer limbs, it can be challenging for them to hold on to the weight on heels for a long time.

Tell guy doing deadlifting

Why is Barbell Back Squatting challenging for Tall Guys?

Among the bodybuilding tips for tall men, barbell back squat is another challenging option to try. It stimulates effective body growth and improves joint mobility. It requires movement of the ankle and hips, and this is where it becomes challenging for tall guys to hold on to the weight with long limbs. From the highest position, they have to lean back to the lowest squat position.

However, it is better to try a front squat that helps in building up body strength. If focusing on building mass, the goblet squat is a suitable option to try. But make sure that you perform it correctly and try holding it from the front portion of your chest.

Pressing with Barbell Overhead

Does Deadlift Depend on Size?

Yes, it does. The deadlift for tall guys can be challenging, unlike for guys with short legs who have natural strength for the deadlifting powerhouse. In this regard, the tall guys can try a single-handed Romanian deadlift that tremendously improves power and running strength. However, one with long legs and wide hips, this exercise seems to be challenging. If you can’t do it right, you are hindering the performance.

It is better to modify your movements and do warm-up exercises before you do deadlifts. Try to do it by sitting on a sliding disk that would support your hips and back and help perform it correctly.


Why deadlift is good

Deadlifting can increase core strength, core stability and improve your posture. It also helps you to improve your muscles in the legs, lower back, and core.

When deadlift is bad for you?

When you lift too heavy using poor technique increases the risk of injury. Deadlift creates a large amount of torque in the hips and lower back. I suggest when you do it get the help of experienced people or your trainer.

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