Elon Musk posts a video of a monkey playing mind games.

, Elon Musk posts a video of a monkey playing mind games.

A monkey is playing video games. How? Well, it’s true and became viral on social media.

Recently the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk retweeted a post on Twitter that was posted by Neuralink. The post was about a monkey playing Pong with his mind.

Neurolink is a corporation founded by Elon Musk. It works with neurotechnology. They are currently developing a brain-machine interface or in short BMI. Their goal is to connect human brains with computers without any wire meaning wireless connection. They show some progress where they show that the technology is the size of a coin and they also gave a glimpse in 2020 where they show pigs with, without neurotechnology and one that’s neurotechnology was removed. They offer a brief demonstration of the technology and what it is worthy of.  Now in 2021, they tweeted a video that goes viral in this pandemic situation on social media and show the progress of the new technology and what we can expect in the feature.

Neuralink posted a video clip where a 9-year-old monkey named Pager playing a game on a computer. But after some time you can notice that the controller the monkey was using is unplugged after a short period of time. You might think that someone else is playing the game and it’s a prank video. But, the monkey is actually using its brain to play the game.

Now the question might arise how The monkey’s brain is implanted with two chips, one on either hand. While you see the monkey playing the game even though the controller is unplugged he was actually playing through the chip that was placed on his brain. Although the monkey doesn’t even know that cause he was trained to play with a controller and he thought he was using the controller to play. In the end, the monkey was rewarded with a banana.

The chip is developed for the purpose of improving human life. This chip will help paralysis to use many electronic products. Elon Musk also tweeted that “Through this, a person can use a smartphone faster than someone who is using thumbs”.

They are still developing this new product and they also said that the latest version of the product will be able to control certain body parts that are paralyzed like legs which means paraplegics can walk again. They are expecting that in the near future people can talk with each other through telepathy using this chip, the information transfer speed from person to a computer will be increased, this new tech will save a person’s concepts so after he or she dies they can just transfer his or her memories into a robot or another person.

Right now, this chip records the electrical signals produced by the brain and decodes them in a computer. It records the signals from the motor cortex- it’s a part of the brain that is responsible for controlling our body movements. It can be charged wirelessly so it feels totally normal and as no wire is needed it also looks normal.

Now in the social media world, this news produced different kinds of reactions.

Some people are happy to see this news because it’s going to bring a great improvement in our health system.

Almost all argue that “it all usually starts with Pong.”

A few believe it is a direct sequel to “Planet of the Apes.”

There are also those who are worried about the species used throughout the study.

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