Ehsaas in Urdu Poetry – Fikr o Parwah Pe Shayari

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Urdu poetry, a tapestry woven with silken threads of emotion and imagery, has long been a haven for exploring the depths of human experience. Various Pakistani and Indian Urdu / Hindi poets have written popular ghazals and nazms on this topic. One recurring theme, resonating through centuries, is “ehsaas,” encompassing a spectrum of emotions from empathy and concern to worry and contemplation. In the community where we all live, it is a basic need of ours to take care of others. The emotion of taking such care is known as ehsaas or ahsas. Let’s delve into this rich realm, guided by the verses of renowned poets and the insights of modern life.

Ehsaas / Fikr Pe Best Urdu Poetry

“roz milne pe bhii lagtaa thaa ki jug biit ga.e
ishq me.n vaqt kaa ehsaas nahii.n rahtaa hai

“us din pahlii baar hu.aa thaa mujh ko rifaaqat kaa ehsaas
jab us ke malbuus kii KHushbuu ghar pahu.nchaane aa.ii hai

“KHudaa aise ehsaas kaa naam hai
rahe saamne aur dikhaa.ii na de

“apne ehsaas se chhuu kar mujhe sandal kar do
mai.n ki sadiyo.n se adhuuraa huu.n mukammal kar do

“yuu.n bhii ik baar to hotaa ki samundar bahtaa
ko.ii ehsaas to dariyaa kii anaa kaa hotaa

Ehsas / Parwah Pe 2 Lines Shayari

“is tarah nigaahe.n mat phero, aisaa na ho dha.Dkan ruk jaa.e
siine me.n ko.ii patthar to nahii.n ehsaas kaa maaraa, dil hii to hai

“zindagii jaisii tavaqqo thii nahii.n kuchh kam hai
har gha.Dii hotaa hai ehsaas kahii.n kuchh kam hai

apnii mahruumii ke ehsaas se sharminda hai.n
KHud nahii.n rakhte to auro.n ke bujhaate hai.n charaaG

“kisii ranjish ko havaa do ki mai.n zinda huu.n abhii
mujh ko ehsaas dilaa do ki mai.n zinda huu.n abhii

“takliif miT ga.ii magar ehsaas rah gayaa
KHush huu.n ki kuchh na kuchh to mire paas rah gayaa

Status Shairi about Taking Care

Taking care of friends is essential. Culturally, Urdu poetry gives us such freedom and oppurtunity to do so with the help of words. Forget the fleeting sentiments of “status shayari.” Urdu poetry delves deeper. Poets like Mirza Ghalib, the undisputed master of the ghazal, masterfully captured the complexities of “fikr” (worry). In his verses, like “Dil hi to hai ki hota hai pareshan,” he portrays the heart’s constant preoccupation with the well-being of loved ones, revealing the tender side of human connection. By sharing the above provided poetry with your friends through TikTok or WhatsApp status, you can achieve the goal of ehsas.

Modern expressions like “Tiktok ghazals” might offer glimpses of fleeting emotions, but Urdu poetry delves into the enduring power of “parwah” (care). Begum Akhtar, the legendary singer, immortalized Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem “Nazuk Hai Zindagi,” where each verse pulsates with concern for humanity’s collective well-being. This poem, transcending its time, reminds us of our shared responsibility towards each other.

What Urdu Poets say?

While Urdu poetry is often associated with romantic love, the concept of “ehsaas” extends far beyond. Take, for instance, the poignant verses of Sahir Ludhianvi, where he expresses concern for the plight of the marginalized in “Ye woh zameen hai ki jiska har patthar mujhe yaad dilaata hai.” His words resonate universall, urging us to extend our “ehsaas” beyond the confines of personal relationships.


In today’s Mushaira, where technology connects us across continents but can sometimes create emotional distance, Urdu poetry serves as a reminder of the enduring importance of “ehsaas.” As we navigate the complexities of modern life, these timeless verses offer solace, inspiration, and a call to action – to care deeply, to worry actively, and to create a world where empathy and concern are the guiding lights.