Collecting Funko Pops Is a Popular Hobby You Might Want to Try

Funko Pops

Chances are you’ve forgotten all about your hobbies in your quest for a balanced life. Somewhere on the path to adulthood, you’ve stopped trying new stuff, calcifying into old patterns. There’s no better time than now to make a change, so try out a new hobby that can help you relieve stress and give you an outlet to express yourself. More and more people collect Funko Pops, attracted to their unique designs and the vast array of characters available. If you’re looking for a fun, new activity, it’ll get your heart pumping and help you make precious memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

What Are Funko Pops, Anyway? 

Funko Pops are small vinyl figurines that resemble characters from pop culture (TV shows, anime, films, music, games, sports, etc.). While some people have at least two Funkos on their desks, others stack Pops in their boxes. The popularity of Pop vinyls is due to Pokémon, the NBA, and Netflix’s Stranger Things. Let’s not forget about Disney brands such as Star Wars and Marvel. Not every figure has a chase variant, yet some of them do, and this variant can have different colouring, accessories, or pose. Funko Pops have been available in stores for a long time (even before the Internet took over), buyers treasuring them for their affordability, longevity, nostalgia, and versatility. 

There’s No Age Limit To Who Can Have A Funko Pop 

Contrary to popular opinion, Funko Pops aren’t just for kids. They’re for people who have a strong sense of curiosity and share the appeal of pop culture with other members of society. Funko Pops are for all ages, but it’s not a good idea for children under three to use them. The question now is: Why should you collect Funko Pops? For starters, they’re fashionable and charming. The figurines look and feel like the real thing; it’s just that they have large heads and big round eyes. The making of a Funko Pop starts with a sketch. From concept drawing to the final product, there’s a period of six to nine months. At times, the approval process can take longer. 

By collecting Funko Pops, you become part of the family, so you’re buying into an established community. You can share personal relatedness and support the growth of one another. Pick the best figures to keep in your collection and show them off on social media to inspire others to start their own Funko Pop collections. You’ll be happy to know that Funko Pops grow in value, particularly limited editions or rare, vaulted, or exclusive figures. Consequently, not all products are made equally. Pop attributes and character popularity determine demand among collectors.  

 How To Start Collecting Funko Pops

You can buy original collectables at Funko UK and Europe stores, which accommodate hard-to-find exclusives (they’re hard to find anywhere on the Internet). The rarest Funko Pops are the early pieces produced when pop lines first emerged. For example, early San Diego Comic-Con exclusives were limited, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll find one. It’s not advisable to invest in something like Funkos to make money. If you’re going to get serious and turn collecting vinyl figures into a hobby, you should do it out of passion because it makes things easier, and it’ll give you a renewed sense of meaning and accomplishment. 

Maybe you’re curious to find out the best vinyl figures to buy. Well, there’s no right or wrong answer; it all comes down to your personal preferences. Most collectors start by buying their favourite characters, and you should do the same. In 2023, the Walt Disney Company celebrates its 100th anniversary, so that would be an excellent place to start. Don’t miss out on the chance to get your hands on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit or Mary Poppins. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll find something you like. You can take Lionel Messi, Lewis Hamilton, or Razor Ramon home – the choice is up to you.

There’s no science behind collecting Pop vinyls, so decide on the characters you like and start collecting. The condition of the box matters as far as Funko Pops are concerned, which is why you’ll want to ensure it’s not damaged (or completely missing). The Funkos lose their value if the packaging is open, so the box should be kept in pristine condition in case you want to sell the figurines one day. Nevertheless, if there’s a character you like very much, then, by all means, open the box and enjoy your time. Collecting Funko Pops is supposed to be enjoyable.

Keep Your Funko Pop Collection in Mint Condition 

You can store your Funkos here, there, and everywhere. Still, the collection looks a lot better when it’s carefully arranged. Bring all your Pop vinyls together on a shelf so that you can appreciate them. It can hang in your office and accommodate up to 20 Funko Pops. Group the figurines together to create an impactful display, and as your collection grows, spread the Funkos all over your home. UV rays from the sun can do a lot of damage to your collectables, even if you don’t notice it right away, so install the shelves away from the windows. 

Never use cleaning products on your Pop vinyls if you’re not ready to part with them because most cleaners have alcohol in them, which runs through the paint and finishes. Use a dry cloth instead and a little bit of dish soap to spruce up your figures. It’s recommended to clean them once a week to eliminate dust and grime build-up. Take additional consideration and focus on the edges to be sure you’ve done intensive cleaning. Handling your collection presents a risk, so avoid the consequences of poor manual handling, e.g., dropping the Funko Pops. 

Final Thoughts 

A great many people collect Funko Pop figures because it allows them to reconnect or stay key to moments from their childhood to the present when they were the happiest. If you see a Pop vinyl you like, go right ahead and buy it; you can start a collection even if you have limited funds. No matter how serious or casual you’re about collecting Funkos, it’s always a fun hobby.