Coding: the most important skill your child can learn

If we want to get our children to succeed in academics, every child must be taught how to code. Coding not only helps children hone their writing skills and mathematics but also enriches them with a valuable skill set in life and eventually in the workplace.  There are several reasons why coding is extremely important to learn and why it should be taught in schools from childhood. Children who are learning to code have better chances of succeeding in life.

What is coding?

Simply put, Coding is a process of communicating with a computer. It is the use of a language that the computer understands to give the computer clearer instructions for it to perform specific functions. Coding helps us create things like computer software, applications, video games, and websites

There are many different types of codes, based on what you want to formulate. And several “programming languages” with their own set of terms and policies. Coding basically is giving instructions to a computer for it to produce the desired outcome.

Enlisted below are some important reasons for you to teach your children how to code:-

Programming teaches problem-solving skills

Understanding computer systems and acquiring knowledge on the fundamentals of coding aids children in developing an understanding of how things function. It also teaches them the way software engineers make use of math to solve problems in an analytical and creative manner. This is one of the most important reasons why we must teach coding to children in schools, enabling them to learn these skills at a young age.

The ability to solve problems is similar to a blessing in life which is very useful in general. We want our kids to become exceptional problem solvers so that they can win over all the adversities they face in life. Learning how to code gives children their chance to learn skills while being young and can also help them in the long run. This is one of the key reasons coding is important to learn.

There is a tech talent shortage in IT

Computer programmers with adequate experience in the field are the most sought-after today and with technological development, there is a pool of career opportunities arising every day. Employees who know how to code are the future of the nation and are highly sought after in any sector.

Because trained computer programmers are hard to find, their salaries can be really high too. If children learn to code young in life, their experience begins young and they are more likely to work for the software industry when they grow up, hence contributing to our future.

Coding helps children learn math faster, not harder

Coding is plain math. Imagine learning to code in schools. Programming involves many skills including assembling and interpreting data. Kids can easily improve their math skills while coding, without even realizing it.

When is the right time for your child to learn coding?

It seems that coding is a skill that can be taught to a child as early as preschool. In fact, Q in 1 is an amazing web-based learning platform that offers a wide range of computer programming courses for children between the ages of 5-18. 

As early as the age of 5 is when kids can begin learning the primary concepts of coding. Even kids who have not learned to read can learn coding with simple and block-based coding at Q in 1 education. Check out the Q in 1 review on their website that will give you an insight into the experiences of those who have already signed up for their courses.

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