Buy Flats: 7 Tips You Need to Know Today


Nowadays, anywhere you go, you might see a banner portraying “buy flats” or “buy your dream home now.” Have you taken the time out and thought, let’s say you want to buy your first-ever property, so what to need to know to make that decision successful? That’s what we are going to cover today in this blog post. 

Finding adequate and suitable information, especially about real estate, is quite tricky if you’re from a developing country. If you ever ask someone about real estate, opinions are what will come out in most cases, rather than tested, proper strategies. But from now on, you’ll only get information on which you rely your most real estate investments. And to provide you with that, I’m writing this blog.

Do PROPER Budgeting

Proper budgeting doesn’t mean calculating home prices and money that you have right now – in a bank – on a piece of paper. No, it doesn’t work like that! So, you might ask: “what do I do then? Use a calculator?” Nope! What you should do is maintain a list of ‘haves,’ mortgage planning, interest rate calculation, renovation budget, and basically almost everything that involves money and is associated with your house.

Once you put everything, and I mean everything, on a piece of paper, then you can extract the following information from that: 

  • Having every element aligned, you can see things more holistically. 
  • You will know how much money each aspect wants from you.
  • You’re able to set aside a property budget out of all expenses. 
  • Manage your budgeting quite efficiently.

Many instances happened to people where they shared how managing their budgeting helped them save soo much money. And with this simple tip and some professional help, it’s a guarantee that you will also find your name in that group of people. 

Find THAT Home

Once your budgeting is completed, the next no-brainer thing you should do is to find that perfect home that will align with your budget. As you have done with budgeting and on-paper financing in the first step, seeing an adequate home will come easy for you. 

As we are looking to buy flats, ensure that your personalized features list will adjust appropriately with your new potential house. Otherwise, the new home will always give you something missing vibe every time you move around. 

Time to EXPLORE Mortgage Options

There are many mortgage options available for new homeowners in the world. Most of these mortgages are provided by reputable banks providing the lowest of the lowest interest rates and, in some exceptional cases, zero down payment. Some of the notable mentions of the mortgage lenders in the world include: 

  • Askari Bank Limited
  • MCB “Apna Ghar Mehfooz Zindagi” Home Loans
  • HBL Islamic HomeFinance – not really Islamic, you guys already know!
  • PMRC – Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company Limited

These four ways top the chart when it comes to accessing home loans, and many people prefer HBL Islamic as the bank clung the word “Islamic” to them. However, we already know how many amendments you make in the banks; nothing will going to make them Islamic from any perspective. 

Contact Real Estate Agents or Agencies

Many first-ever home buyers and owners made the mistake of not having a reliable agent or an agency by their side at the time of buying flats. Remember this; there are a lot of things you can’t do by yourself if you are investing for the first time. The issues you will face by doing everything all alone can be: 

  • Paperwork and documentation can be a big hassle. 
  • The legalization of property can become a burden for a non-legal professional.
  • Cold Lake Real Estate Lawyers and agents are equipped with all the data needed for buying flats.
  • You’ll be at ease as you know your decision is confirmed and backed by an estate professional. 

One can find many reputable agencies or agents using a simple Google search. However, you can also ask your friends or relatives about their “good” personal experience with any agent they used for their investment decision. Having multiple choices at your disposal helps you find a suitable candidate more efficiently.

TIME For a Comparison

Now that you have things at your disposal, it’s better to make thorough comparisons for available options. When you’re comparing choices, take your real estate agent with you as he will help you analyze the property to a great extent, and if he’s good at his job, he can also suggest resale and future potential of the apartments. 

Buy flats only when you thoroughly analyze and compare each item in the checklist. However, one thing you should notice is to make sure that the documentation of your chosen property is completed and also legally verified. Ensure that when you’re making a comparison of the preferable property, you should free yourself from every task and responsibility you’re doing right now and clean your thought process to make your critical thinking blossom. 

PAY For Home Inspection 

Once you have chosen the right property, it’s time to call professional home inspection services. A home inspection is really beneficial if you’re moving into a used apartment. The service will provide you with detailed feedback about the property on a personalized document that explains the nitty-gritty of the house. 

Upon inspection, you may find things broken items, missing house papers, or any other topsy-turvy things that shouldn’t be there. And once these things are found, you can hold the seller accountable for making the necessary changes before the complete transaction. 

INSURE Your New Apartment

Insurance is literally the backbone of every great financial decision. It’s like an umbrella that saves you from the lightning bolts of thunderstorms. And what’s the good thing about that is you will never know when the bolt hits and makes your emergency funds shackle. Therefore, insuring your new property or a flat will always be a sensible and praiseworthy choice.  


Buying and organizing new flats will never be an easy task in any era. There are required documents, paperwork, legal jargon, management, comparison, inspection, and what not to finally get your hands on your dream apartment. Therefore, to make your life easy, I have provided you with seven tips to help you buy flats worldwide.