BlockChain Technology

       Blockchain technology is the system of recording information that is difficult to change or hack the information. It is very essential for the digital ledger of transactions which are duplicated. This work is distributed across the full network of the computer systems.

       Every block in the chain contains many numbers of transactions. Each and every time a new transaction is added to the block in the process. A record of the transaction is also added to the block. Blockchain technology is a structure and stores about the transactional records so it is also known as the block. And for the public in various databases it is called as the chain in a network which is also connected through the nodes. Commonly this storage is known as the digital ledger.

       Each and every transaction in this ledger is authorized by the digital signature of the owner, which authenticates transactions and will check them. Therefore the information which the digital ledger contains is highly secured.

       In general, the digital ledger is like a google spreadsheet that is shared among the number of computers in a network in which the transactional records are stored according to their actual purchases. One of the important angles is that anybody can see the data, but they can’t corrupt it.

       Record keeping of data and transactions is the main part of the business. Blockchain avoids the long process and facilitates the faster movement of the transaction, therefore, saving both time and money. Blockchain is a technology capable of supporting various applications like finance, supply chain, manufacturing, etc.

  Blockchain is the upcoming technology with some advantages in today’s digital world.

They are:

*Highly Secure: It uses a digital signature feature to conduct fraud-free transactions making it not possible to change the data of an individual by the other uses without a specific digital signature.

*Decentralized System: The transactions done by the blockchain are done with the mutual consensus of users which results in smoother, safer, and faster transactions.

*Automation capability: This can generate systematic actions, events, and payments, automatically when the situation of the trigger is met.

Blockchain is a combination of three leading technologies:

>Cryptographic keys

>A network containing a shared ledger

>A means of computing to store the transactions and records of the network.

The private key and Public key are the two keys of cryptographic keys which help in performing successful transactions between two parties. The most important aspect of blockchain technology is the secured identity. This identity is referred to as the digital signature which is helpful for controlling transactions.

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Finally, we conclude that block chain technology has made a great impact on society. It can also be used as a secure platform for the healthcare industry to store patient data.

Blockchains can be set up to operate in various ways using various mechanisms to secure transactions to be seen only by authorized users. It is poised to rule the digital world of the future.


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