BattlBox VS. Bespoke Post: Which to Choose?

BattlBox VS. Bespoke Post

If you are a newcomer to the outdoors, it is hard to separate the quality of gears from the cheap stuff. The best way to sample gears from many brands is through subscription boxes, which help you find what works for you. There are different subscription boxes, and picking the one that suits your taste may be hard. 

BattlBox and Bespoke Post are some of the best outdoor brands that deliver useful gear monthly. The two brands have competed for a long time, and we are here to help you choose the right one.

Check out how BattlBox differs from Bespoke Post for you to get an understanding of which box you can go for. Here is an overview of the two brands.

Bespoke Post Overview

Bespoke Post is a club membership that offers boxes of top-shelf products from small business brands and under-the-radar. The membership subscription is renewed monthly, during which it introduces the members to new products, including live oysters, clothing, kitchen goods, barware, and outdoor gear. These products are suggested based on the preference questions filled out when you sign up.

Bespoke Post Overview

Bespoke Post focuses on helping clients discover products that cannot be found anywhere else and those that can spark their following conversations, experiences, and hobbies. The company focuses on the high quality and value of the items offered, and every item reflects it. 

Most of the goods sold at Bespoke Post are from small businesses, and their several subscriptions are more in retail value than what their clients pay monthly. 

The company curates new boxes each month, and their clients can preview the goods that have been selected for them and make three choices: skip it, swap it, or keep it. If you end up not loving the products shown to you, there is no commitment, and you can join for free. 

Bespoke Post Pricing Options

Each month, a box costs $49 for the members, while for the nonmembers, it costs $70. When you ship orders below $48 in the lower states, you are charged a $3.95 shipping fee, but those from other states like Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are charged a $10 shipping fee. 

As a member, you are not obligated to pay the monthly subscription each month. You can skip any month, and there are no limits regarding the number of times you skip on upcoming orders.

BattlBox Overview

BattlBox Overview

BattlBox has a team of experts who keep searching the world for innovative and valuable EDC, outdoor tactical, and survival gear. It is a subscription suitable for survivalists. It offers monthly accessories and outdoor gear like preparedness gadgets, emergency tools, and camping supplies. If you choose BattlBox, be sure to get items like fire starters, compasses, knives, flashlights, and many more.

Each subscription box has various items ranging from four to six things. BattlBox, just like the other subscription, has an online store to buy survival gear essentials. While subscribing to Battlbox, you have various options to choose from. These options include the basic box, advanced box, pro box, and pro plus box. 

Every month, each subscription box unveils new and exciting items. Various themes vary for outdoor activities like sailing, camping, hiking, and hunting.

BattlBox Pricing Options

BattlBox Pricing Options

Unlike any other boxes in the market, BattlBox has various tiers of boxes, meaning they have several price points. The basic box costs $34.99 monthly, not including shipping fees and tax. The advanced box is a step over the basic box and costs $64.99, including a shipping fee. 

If you want excellent stuff, you may consider going for bigger boxes like the Pro Box for $119.99 monthly with the shipping fee included. Pro Plus is the best of the best, and it costs $169.99 each month, including the shipping fee and the tax, and you get absolutely amazing items.

Consider going for pro or pro plus boxes if you want sheer value. The boxes are simply put, and if you want to gather a good cache of survival equipment, you may want to try these two out. They also have documentation; you can learn how to use them before an emergency occurs.

BattlBox Versus Bespoke Post Review Verdict

BattlBox Versus Bespoke Post Review Verdict

Bespoke Post boxes are gender-neutral; you can get something for the people you love. They are tailored to a wide variety of themes, and they source the products from under the radar for a distinct experience. However, some boxes do not provide significant deals or savings since they are close to retail. Moreover, you cannot return single items, only the complete boxes that are in mint condition. 

If you are a survivalist, consider going for the BattlBox, the survival toolbox. The interesting reviews we have read and the research we have done can guarantee you that. Although the boxes are not as cheap as Bespoke Post boxes, you are assured of all the items you require and get the information about using them. Why pay less for less quality and quantity when you can spend more for the best?

If you want to build a cache or ensure your bugout bag is complete, everything you need will be found in a BattlBox. It is worth springing for bigger boxes because they have better items. Even the basic level guarantees you excellent gear. Give BattlBox a try.


If you start experiencing the joy of getting a subscription box with exciting goods each month, then BattlBox and Bespoke Post have got you. Pick a box that fits you, and if you want to pay more for good quality, go for BattlBox.