Bathroom Hacks You Cannot Miss

Are you thinking about upgrading your home? Whether it’s a personal decision to just improve the house, or you wanting to add value to your domestic property, here are some bathroom hacks you cannot miss when it comes to plumbing upgrades.

Improve your shower and taps

Plumbing upgrades do not necessarily entail a complete overhaul of your bathroom to make them useful. By simply substituting your old taps for modern ones, you can enhance not only the style of your bathroom but can also benefit from the improved performance they carry, as well. Moreover, adding a new shower will absolutely make your bath experiences a lot better, too! It’s actually very easy to have your shower switched for new ones, and you have many options to choose from. For instance, you can opt for a recessed ceiling shower head that can offer you a rainfall effect and extra water jets for a definitely good morning!

Install a new water heater

One of the best plumbing upgrades you can do for your house is putting a new water heater with an on-demand circulation pump in place of an old, inefficient one that is not cost-effective. Water heaters don’t have very long lives, you get, at best, ten years. You will know if your water heater is not fully functional anymore when it gives you water that isn’t warm enough, you see sediments and notice uncommon colors in your hot water. Once you see these signs, know it’s time to change heaters. Older models use mineral encrusting heat elements to make warm water, but this takes more energy. When you replace an old tank with a new, tankless water heater, you might get around 20 years or so with your appliance.   

Insulate your Pipes

Another easy and affordable way to upgrade your plumbing is to warm your pipes with insulation. You can buy sleeves or wraps for pipes and covers for the outdoor faucets at the hardware store downtown. Because most pipes and heaters are located in the basement since it’s cooler there, insulation can help a lot to protect them against heat loss. As a result of the extra layers of warmth, water continuously flows even during extremely cold winters, your water heating bill is decreased as your water temperature is increased by a few degrees.

Keep your Drains in Good Condition

Having your drains checked and replaced is one more plumbing upgrade that will certainly add value to your house. A slow-running drain is an indication that buildup is present, or that there’s a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. Maintaining drains that are fully functional, in turn, will strengthen your overall plumbing system. So instead of frequently using drain cleaners, that is, by the way, quite harmful, ask a professional plumber to do the dirty job instead. 

Update your  Pipes

Many homeowners believe that perhaps, their fixtures don’t need fixing. But even then, plumbing upgrades are still encouraged. If your house has aged, your pipes are most probably prone to leaks. You don’t have to keep on repairing these leaking pipes, have them replaced instead. You should also update your pipes to avoid contamination from lead – some houses’ pipes are held together by lead soldiers or even are actually using lead pipes. Plumbing experts say that repiping is one of the best plumbing upgrades you can do for your house.

Having plumbing upgrades may seem like an extra expense, but these will actually help to prevent more expensive repairs in the future. By installing new showerheads and taps, having a new water heater, insulating your pipes, maintaining your drains, and updating your pipes, you will surely increase the value of your home. Contact your local plumbing authority now to make sure your money doesn’t get flushed down the toilet!

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