Back-breaking pain after Omicron recovery

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Though the symptoms of Omicron are considered as mild than the Delta variant, many patients are still struggling with acute back pain. Back pain is a common symptom of most viral fever. However, Dr. An Mary, a consultant of General Medicine at Amrita hospital, Kochi, suggests in contrast to Delta, Omicron patients are likely to witness more back pain than taste or smell loss. Moreover, many patients with acute back-breaking pain in the lower back and myalgia tended to develop serious problems in the future. Hence, they require immediate back pain treatment to get the grip of the pre-omicron life. 

The best surgeon for spine surgery in India suggests neglecting back pain for a long period can result in chronic back problems shortly. Hence, they should consult specialized physicians before it gets too late. 

What causes this post-recovery back pain?

Dr. Harish Chafle, Senior Consultant, Pulmonology at Global Hospital, explains back-breaking pain causes after recovering from Omicron. To understand the methods of spine treatment in India, it is crucial to know the reason behind them. 

Even though there is no clear evidence of serious back injury after Omicron, doctors suggest getting the required spine treatment in India. Myalgias are typically found in viral infections, and Covid is not excluded. However, the back is more common with Omicron, and most patients labeled it as weakness. Since limited data explains the gene sequence, it is difficult to explain the exact reason! However, doctors predict that, as this notorious virus variant affects the musculoskeletal system, back pain becomes an acute problem for the patients. 

Courses of back pain treatment after Omicron 

After recovering from the sweep of the virus, the patients should be consistent with the preventive measures. Moreover, doctors suggest not exerting the body after the immediate recovery of the disease. They also added post-recovery myalgia could cause too much discomfort; hence, one should take time to heal. Adequate rest is extremely important to avoid the lethargic condition.

In case you push your body too further without recovering from the pain, it can lead to a delicate fracture. 

  • Continuous hydration would help to supply adequate fluid during the recovery phase. 
  • Based on the condition of myalgia, doctors may suggest anti-inflammatory medicines. 
  • Exercising and stretching would help to relieve the backache during the post-omicron period. 
  • Doctors can also prescribe vitamin D3 substitute if you lack the normal range. 

Other serious spine treatment in India

While Omicron is a relevant cause of back-breaking pain, it is an existing problem among people of the middle ages. Serious neck pain, muscle spasms, bladder changes, tingling, etc., can lead to severe spinal fractures. The treatment of spine fractures in India depends on the causes of injury. Most people having a long-term back problem can also develop osteoporosis or thinning of the bone. 80% of these patients are aged from 18 years to 25 years. 

Treatment of spine fracture in India

The treatment starts with pain management and stabilization under the supervision of the best doctor for spine surgery in India. In addition, the treatment can also include other injuries. Based on the type of fracture and stability, the surgeon lets you undergo a series of the process:

  • Using braces and orthotics: doctors often suggest this mode of treatment to maintain the spinal alignment and immobilize the spine. After 8 to 12 weeks, doctors remove the braces. 
  • Instrumentation: it is a surgical process to treat unstable fractures. Fusion is the joining point. Instruments like plates, rods, hooks, cages, and pedicles join the vertebrae and form the structured bone. 
  • Vertebroplasty: it is an intricate invasive surgery to cure compression fractures. Nowadays, it is a very common spine treatment in India to eradicate spinal tumors. The surgeon injects bone cement through a hollow needle into the vertebral body. 

A need for a large-scale perspective can improve the status of spine treatment in India. Moreover, the patients should be aware of the impending dangers of spinal injury in the long run. So that they can take the adequate measure from day one, they come across general back pain. After omicron recovery or a general injury, avoiding back-breaking pain can lead to serious spinal disease. 

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