A Brief Overview Of Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition

If you ever post a photo with your friends on Facebook, you might not have noticed that, but Facebook instantly tags the people in the photo. Did you know that Facebook has utilized facial recognition technology to recognize the people in the photo? It may seem like a harmless facial recognition app feature that relieves from tagging people all by yourself. However, if this technology happens to recognize your face when you’re out for a walk with your dog, you may question their motive for invading your privacy.

No matter what you think of this technology, one thing is for sure that technology isn’t going anywhere. There would be positive and a few negative aspects of using this technology. In this blog, we will discuss the only positive ones.

But first…

What Is Facial Recognition And How It Works?

Facial recognition is a dynamic technology that utilizes various facial features to determine the identity of an individual.

This technology is expected to reach $9.6 billion by 2022. There are plenty of uses for this technology in the digital world, whether used in airport security, unlocking your smartphone, or even buying products from the stores. However, for facial technology to effectively work, you need to have a lot of data on photos and videos.

The best part of the digital world is that there are plenty of data in photos and videos that are readily available for the data center to leverage. It enables the technology to analyze and recognize images from CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) installed in every part of the world with millions of photos and videos.

The technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning allows facial recognition to identify individuals who leverage their facial features. The technology recognizes the images with specific patterns and juxtaposes them with multiple similar images and videos stored in the data center.

Positive Aspects Of Facial Recognition

One of the prominent features that facial recognition technology offers is allowing law enforcement agencies to keep an eye on perpetrators. In New York alone, a rapist was arrested within 24 hours using facial recognition technology. The technology isn’t only limited to law enforcement agencies. Still, businesses are also harnessing the power of facial recognition technology to identify people of interest who could nap something from the stores.

Moreover, facial recognition technology is also quite common in airports for security checks. As a matter of fact, the US Department of Homeland Security has indicated that almost 97% of travelers will be checked with facial recognition technology by 2023 to avoid hijacking or any other breach of security in the airport premises.

With facial recognition cameras that are constantly every move of every individual, it makes it quite safe for people to do their daily activities without being anxious. The streets would be a lot safer as it will diminish the crime rate within the vicinity of facial recognition cameras.

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