5 Important Facts About Fut Hair Transplant

fut hair transplant

Research has shown that almost 70 percent of males and 50 percent of females are suffering from hair loss. Therefore, if you consider a hair loss solution, you are not alone. Like you, there are many who are struggling with this awful problem. No matter! Every problem has a resolution in this modern world. So, the problem of hair loss also has a kickass solution. You can consider FUT hair transplant, which is a modern hair loss resolution these days. This is also known as the strip procedure, which works to relocate hairs from donor areas to hairless sites. However, as a newbie, you might not be familiar with this hair restoration technique. So, let’s explore some important facts about it below in this post.

It produces more grafts

The process of hair restoration cannot be completed until or unless hair grafting is performed. Hair grafting is a procedure that works to extract hairs from donor areas of the head. After that, these hairs will be implanted in the bald sites for hair loss coverage. FUT is an advanced form of hair implant that produces more grafts than other techniques. It works by cutting of strip from the back of the head using specialized tools. It enables the surgeon to remove the upper layer of skin tissue from the donor site to extract more grafts. Using this technique, a surgeon can easily extract 4000 follicles in one go. That’s why this procedure is faster than FUE and considered for hair restoration by individuals.

No additional scarring

Many people believe that Follicular Unit Transplantation is not a good hair implant technique. They consider only one reason for visible linear scarring on the back of the head. A surgeon has to cut the strip of skin tissue to extract the grafts. So, the wound left a scar behind the head, which is usually visible. But this scar is not actually an issue for people who have undergone this surgery. They clearly state that the scar can easily hide under the hair. Moreover, it becomes fade with time and does not cause any problem. In addition, if another session of FUT requires, then there will be no additional scarring. New scars will be integrated into the old ones, so there will be no additional scarring on the head.

FUT is cheaper

This is obviously an alluring factor about FUT hair transplant. It is a cheaper alternative to other hair restoration techniques. The reason is that it usually works with quick extraction of hair follicles. Therefore, the procedure of this technique is concise, and there is no need for shaving for the donor site. A surgeon would not have to implement the use of specialized tools for hair follicles extraction. The process can also become quick because there are greater chances of hair follicles’ survival rate in FUT. So, if you are considering a budget-friendly hair implant procedure, FUT is the best. You will not have to spend your fortune on this hair restoration procedure. Besides, you can get the procedure done in a short duration.

Covers large area

If you are suffering from full head baldness, then Follicular Unit Transplantation is a viable solution. Maximum fullness with hair restoration can be achieved with FUT. The reason is that this technique can work to extract more hair grafts than other treatments. It can cover the significant area around the crown of the head for better scalp coverage. The hair surgeon will implant grafts to the frontal and back hairline. The hairs will grow back in a period of 9 to 12 months with full head coverage. However, another FUT session in an interval of 6 months might require proper coverage. A full head hair restoration requires approximately 6000 follicles.

Greater success rate

With a FUT procedure, you can achieve fuller hair coverage with a 98% success rate. However, the implanted hairs will fall after a few weeks of treatment. But they will fall only to make way for new hairs to grow naturally. However, FUT is considered a difficult hair implant technique. So, it requires more precision and skill to make the surgery successful. It mainly depends on the expertise of the hair surgeon. So, you must consult with a professional board-certified hair surgeon to attain superior results.

To sum up

These are the top 5 facts that you must know about FUT hair transplant. This is a wonderful hair restoration procedure that delivers exceptional results. You can avail of this treatment by visiting a professional hair transplant clinic. Hair loss is not a permanent problem now as you can get the perfect solution. With FUT, you can gain high success in getting natural-looking, thick, and shiny hair.

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