Why You Should Grow Your eCommerce Business With An App

If you are an average person, you checked your phone two minutes ago. All of us are attached to our phones. They sometimes feel like an extended limb of our body. This extended limb lets us access the interweb of information and technology. Did you know the prediction about the internet users crossing and reaching the 900-million by 2023? Two-thirds of India’s population will have access to the internet and mobile device. It’s natural that with the number of mobile phone users increasing, the application users will increase too. Therefore, if you have an e-commerce website and want to take it to the next level, an application can help you. Today, we will tell you why your eCommerce business will grow with an application and how to choose an eCommerce app development company that can help the fruition of your app.

Why apps trump mobile websites?

One argument to the added cost of app development could be that mobile websites are enough to cater to mobile users. However, the following points tell how mobile websites are inferior in terms of serving the smartphone audience:

Ease of apps

Is it easier to use the Instagram app or to use the website? If you are a frequent user of Instagram, you would know that the answer is the app. The developers made the user interface to serve the mobile users. The aim to make the website was to help the desktop users, and the website development was done per desktop. Similarly, it is easier to wear the left foot shoe on the left foot; similarly, it is easier to use it on the desktop. 


Websites load slowly. Applications are faster. The instant gratification nature of humans responds better to faster stimulus. Moreover, one need not go to the browser and search for the website. The icon on their home page allows the user access to your company. With an app, your user is just a tap away from your company.

On top of your customer’s mind

Catchy and fun notifications about ongoing sales and offers will help your consumer aware of your brand. It will also enable them to avail themselves of the proposals. A website fails to do so. Your loyal customers may or may not read your promotional emails. But they will check the offers out if you notify them via your app.

Types of eCommerce apps

Since apps offer so much, it is vital to understand the different eCommerce apps available in the market. Understanding the category of your app will help you in custom mobile application development. The three types are:

Business to business app

Businesses make these apps to help other companies in their day-to-day functions. A prominent example of such an app is Paytm for shop owners. Paytm offers to accept non-cash payments without any extra machines. In return, Paytm charges them a fee. As a Paytm user, one tends to choose shops that accept cashless payments, making these shops a better choice for the young millennials and Genz.

If your company caters to other companies, then a business to a business application is your option.

Business to customer application

Most eCommerce websites are business to a customer websites. The most famous example would be Amazon. It is convenient to use the app, and with their prime membership, one can access fast deliveries. Its users can access offers, sales, order history through their application. If your company serves individuals directly, then business-to-customer applications are your option.

Customer to customer

Peer-to-peer business models are rare. You can learn from eBay to make an application that is appreciated by its customers. One customer can post an article they want to sell, and another customer can search for it and buy it. The interactions are safe due to the inter-messaging feature. It doesn’t require a lot of effort from your side, and your business helps and earns a profit.

Custom mobile application development for your business

Few companies have an in-house IT team and prefer to outsource the one-time investment. If you follow this mindset, too, then hiring an eCommerce website is your priority. Choosing one that has prior experience will boost your confidence in the company. Moreover, make sure that they have developed an app before for the type of eCommerce business you have. Having a look at their previously developed apps will also give you an idea about the quality of their work. Another distinction you need to make is whether you will launch an app for iOS, Android, or both.

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