Why should you choose buying a Silk Pillowcase?

What is a silk pillowcase and what are its best and most obvious benefits? Why do people often say that a silk pillowcase is ideal for bedding, frizz, and even split ends. It also protects fragile hair from breakage and prevents hair breakage too.

How silk pillowcase is made?

A common question is: what is the best material to use when making a silk pillowcase? You may be surprised that this is an easy question to answer! A silk pillowcase, as compared to a cotton pillowcase, is usually made of a smoother, higher quality material. Cotton is more durable than silk and it also has a thread count less than 50.The main reason for this is the durability of silk compared to cotton.

A regular cotton pillowcase will lose its shape and can even spring back into position once your hair is brushed while sleeping. But the top quality, softer texture and durability of silk will keep you sleeping in your best possible shape while giving your hair maximum protection from tangles and pressure points.

Why should you consider buying a silk pillowcase?


The reason why silk pillowcase is considered to be the best material is because it is made up of hypoallergenic. So not only does it give you maximum comfort and protection, but it also helps in keeping you away from allergic reactions and skin rashes.


Satin is also hypoallergenic but it’s not quite the same as a pure silk. Pure silk contains no chemicals that may cause allergies while the highest quality satin is made up of hundreds of chemical-free, natural ingredients. This means that your satin pillowcase will be free of any allergens and irritants, which in turn protects your skin.

Retain shape

One of the main reasons why a good quality silk pillowcase can retain its shape over time is due to its ability to maintain moisture in your hair. Just like your ordinary linen sheets, they’re able to retain body heat and moisture. However unlike your ordinary sheets which easily get flattened and wrinkled, a good quality pillow can retain its shape and firmness because of the natural friction between the hair and the pillow. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable with a flat pillow, then you know how uncomfortable your hair can get when subjected to hot and cold fluctuations in temperature.

No frizz

You may have noticed that many celebrities spend a lot of time on their beds because they don’t have any frizzy, unkempt hair to disturb their perfectly coiffed look. Not only that, but a good quality silk pillowcase can help you achieve that same coiffing look, without the frizz! Since your hair is constantly exposed to the elements, it’s only natural that it’s going to experience wear and tear. However, if you have silk pillowcases to use when you go on vacation, you can rest assured that your hair won’t frizz while you enjoy some much-needed down time.


Another main benefit of using a silk pillowcase instead of ordinary sheets is the fact that they are more absorbent. To test this theory, you simply take a handful of your sheets and place them on a plate. Then, take another handful and place them on top of a few of your silk pillowcases. After a couple of hours, you’ll easily see how much absorption your sheets have lost just from being on a bed and not spread out on a pillow.

So, what is so special about satin pillows? Simply described, silk pillowcases are one of a kind and definitely one of the most luxurious fabric options in the market today. They are completely machined washable, unlike cotton or wool. This makes silk pillowcases an excellent choice for those who don’t want to spend the extra money to maintain their sheets. If you’re looking for a great night’s sleep but are tired of the same old things, give https://tafts.com/silk pillowcases a try!

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