Why Every Thailand Entrepreneur Invest In Gojek Clone App 2022?

Gojek Clone

The Powerful App like Gojek is a Highly-Famous Digital Solution that you need for capitalizing your Hard-Earned Money at Lightning Speed! Achieve an Absolute Monopoly with this Smart App that lets you provide all the possible Services under a Single Shade to the App Users in Thailand.

Check out the Major Reasons as to why Entrepreneurs across the Globe are choosing to invest their funds in this Ultra-Modern Application –


This Innovative and Creative App holds within itself 70+ Value-Added Services packed in Seven Meaningful Categories as below –

  • EASIEST TAXI BOOKING SERVICE EVER: Herein, one can easily Book an Online Taxi by selecting the Pick-Up Location, Car Type, and Payment Method. Adding the Destination Address is Optional. And one has the facility to add the same at a Later Stage, like, when in-between the Taxi Ride Trip.
  • ONLINE VIDEO CONSULTATION FOR EXTENDED EASE: The App User can avail Online Video Consultation from Subject and Field Experts such as Doctors, Tutors, Fitness Trainers, and Lawyers. Moreover, one can also consult these Professional Experts via Audio Calls and In-App Chat Feature.
  • SERVICE BIDDING MODULE FOR HANDYMAN SERVICES: The App User can Post the Required Task Details and get Real-time Bids from Service Providers such as Plumbers and Painters. The App User can select the Best Bid as per one’ Budget and Reviews/Ratings of the Service Provider.
  • ON-DEMAND SERVICES AT ONE’ DOOR-STEP: One can avail Door-Step Services from On-Demand Service Providers such as Car Washers, Beauticians, and Masseuses.
  • PARCEL DELIVERY MADE SIMPLE AND QUICK: The App User can easily Parcel any Small/Big Package from One Location to Another via the Parcel Delivery Service of the Gojek Clone App.
  • STORE-BASED DELIVERY SERVICES AT-A-GO: Provide the App Users with Door-Step Delivery of Fresh Food, Organic Groceries, and Urgent Medicines. One can also avail Home Delivery of Stationery Stuff, Wine, and even Flowers.
  • DELIVERY GENIE/DELIVERY RUNNER: Under this Service Category, the App User can easily Hire a Personal Professional Shopper. Or get a Professional Delivery Expert to run errands.


The Gojek Clone App has no limit on the Number of App Users, Stores, and Service Providers. Moreover, the App Users get the benefit of choosing from Different Payment Options such as –

  • Credit Card
  • In-App Wallet
  • Cash Payment

These Multiple Payment Options allow the App Users to spend easily on your App. Thereby letting you Rake-In more Profits than the usual.


The Online Payment made by the App Users flows directly to your (App Owner’s) Account in two simple formats –


You earn a certain Percentage of the Earnings per Order/Service Rendered through the App as Commission from the Service Provider. The Admin has the exclusive right to determine the Rate of Commission for every Service. These Commission Rates can vary based on the type of Services Offered under the On-Demand Multi Services App.


You can formulate various Subscription Plans with all having different Expiration Dates. The Service Provider is bound to make a One-Time Payment to you in order to buy the Subscription Plan that falls under one’s Budget and Requirements.

You can use the Admin Panel and send Automated In-App Push Notifications for Plan Renewal to the Service Providers. You can also decide the Number of Days before the Subscription Plan Expiry Date that the Service Provider starts receiving such Reminder Notifications. Hence, the Service Provider gets enough time to choose between Existing Plan/Plan Upgradation.

Moreover, the Service Providers also get their Payment in the most Systematic and Organized Way. Thereby ensuring negligible complexities in Business Operations.


With the Gojek Clone 2022 you are empowered with Earning Big Bucks ranging from Millions to even Billions of US Dollars! Yes! Do not overlook such a golden opportunity. Grab it today and make the Best of your Online On-Demand Services Business in Thailand. Simply connect with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute and transform your Business Dream into a Reality!

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