What Kind of Logistics Company Makes Transport Business Possible

A logistics company plans, carries out, and controls the transportation, storage and distribution of goods, data or information in a supply chain from origin to destination and in turn between the point of source and end consumers. Different logistic firms handle some or all of the supply chain functions depending on the clients’ logistics requirements. Logistics are often broken down into three major areas: goods movement, goods storage and transportation. Companies involved in logistics planning must also address issues such as waste management, occupational safety and health, security and damage control.

What services do the Logistics Company offers?

The day one logistics company, as the name implies, is the company that supplies the raw materials to the actual manufacturer and who makes the final goods ready for delivery. It usually has a network of distributors and works on individual contracts with clients to transport their wares. This is the most visible part of the logistics industry and is typically the largest. Although many day one logistics companies have smaller departments that deal with specific components or processes, the main business of the day one is the supply of raw materials to manufacturers.

Another type of logistics company handles freight that has originated outside of their area of operations. These include international freight transportation, such as that made by the railways. An international freight logistics company like Mango Transport could be based in the city that the railway station is located, or it could be based. Regardless, of where the freight originates, an international logistics company will provide the means and the route for getting the freight there to get it to its destination. Consider practical motorbike transport solutions designed for convenience and peace of mind.

Understand the reverse Logistics Services

Another type of logistics company would be a provider of “reverse logistics”. A reverse logistics provider moves products in reverse order, rather than first shipping them in a forward direction. For instance, if you wanted to ship apples from the United States to Canada, you would do so by sending the apples through the mail from their warehouse in Michigan to the distribution warehouse in Ontario, then on to the stores in New York and Texas. That order would be filled in reverse order. The logistics company would move the apple order from the shipping line and into the store in that order and then ship it from the Canadian facility to the customer.

The fourth type of logistics company would be a cargo shipping service company that provides mobile transport services. These companies usually only have a fleet of trucks and vans, but they are capable of moving nearly any type of cargo. Some examples include the South African cargo transport company VELUX. This company provides services like air transportation, land transportation, sea transport, and even refrigerated warehousing and other specialty services.

Last but not least, there is the freight forwarding company. These companies would mostly use trucks to bring your goods to the location where they need to be, however some may use rail vehicles as well. An example of a freight forwarder company in south Africa is MTU Freight forwarders. MTU freight forwarders provide refrigerated warehousing and vehicle shipping in over thirty countries across. One can simply check out websites like vanglogistics.com to find the best logistics company.

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