Urdu Poetry about Appreciation – Best Urdu Shayari on Tareef

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In the realm of Urdu poetry centered around appreciation, Tareef pe Urdu Shayari has found a new and expressive platform on TikTok. Enthusiasts are captivated by the charm of Urdu ghazals that beautifully articulate sentiments of admiration and praise. The brevity of TikTok videos allows for a quick yet profound exploration of the depth in Urdu poetry dedicated to appreciation, making it accessible to a wide audience seeking poetic expressions of admiration.

Khubsurti Ki Tareef Pe Urdu Shayari

na puuchho husn kii taariif ham se
mohabbat jis se ho bas vo hasii.n hai

mahshar me.n ik savaal kiyaa thaa kariim ne
mujh se vahaa.n bhii aap kii taariif ho ga.ii

un mad-bharii aa.nkho.n kii taariif ho kyaa zaahid
dekho to hai.n do saaGar samjho to hai.n mai-KHaana

merii taariif kare yaa mujhe bad-naam kare
jis ne jo baat bhii karnii hai sar-e-aam kare

tirii taariif karne lag gayaa huu.n
mohabbat ne diyaanat chhiin lii hai

Best Urdu Poetry on Appreciation of Love

Ab me samjha tere rukhsaar pe til ka matlab
Dolat e husn pe darbaan bitha rakha hai

Us ne maangi thi husn ki tareef
Me ne us ko dikhaya aaeena

Mujh ko maloom nahin husn ki tareef magar
Meri nazron me haseeN wo hai jo tum jesa ho

Kuch to rakha hai us ki aankhon me
Dekhne walay dekhte reh gaye

Is dil me tere husn ki wo jalwa gari hai
Jo dekhta hai kehta hai sheeshay ki pari hai

Husn Ki Tareef Pe Urdu Shayari Lines

Moving beyond the realm of social media, Urdu text poetry on husn ki tareef (appreciation of beauty) has found a home on Instagram. Poets skillfully craft verses that delve into the intricacies of praising beauty, creating a vivid tapestry of words that resonate with those exploring the aesthetic nuances of admiration. Instagram becomes a canvas for Urdu poets to share their compositions, weaving together the delicate threads of language to articulate the ineffable qualities of beauty, especially in the context of yaar ki tareef (praise of a loved one).

In the vast landscape of Urdu poetry, even expressions of sadness find a place when appreciating the beauty of love. Urdu poets use their craft to paint poignant verses on sad DP (display picture) Urdu poetry, adding a layer of emotional depth to the appreciation of love’s beauty. This genre of poetry explores the bittersweet aspects of love, acknowledging the complexities and nuances that make it a multifaceted experience.


For those seeking succinct expressions of admiration, 2 lines Urdu poetry on tareef serves as a gem. Poets distill the essence of khubsuti ki tareef (appreciation of beauty) into a concise yet impactful form, allowing readers to savor the beauty of language while reveling in the elegance of their sentiments. These brief yet powerful verses offer a glimpse into the profound world of Urdu poetry dedicated to the art of appreciation.