Ultimate Guide To Dental Marketing Business For Modern Dentist

Dental Marketing Business

You are a great dentist because you know what you’re doing and can apply advanced science to patient care and provide exceptional service. 

However, just because you are a great dentist does not mean you will get more patients online. These high-value patients sometimes end up with lower quality or “big-box” competitors because they know how to use the internet to gain new patients.

With a little bit of knowledge and the right partner in dental marketing, you can easily acquire new patients online. Let’s show you how simple it is. 

Continue reading to learn more about dental marketing to help more patients find your practice online.

Website Design for Dentists

Did you know that 97% of people prefer visiting a dentist’s website over calling? The best dental websites should be a top priority for your practice. 

This is more than just placing up your dental website. Website design elements must be practical. Are you tired of losing out online to less qualified dentists? 

Get better digital marketing support. Learn what to include and what to avoid being a leader in your industry online.

What are the Best Practices in Website Design for Dentists?

Dental design marketing comes in different forms. The best websites use best practices. These are the vital elements of your website if you work with a dental marketing company.

Unique Website Design

Too many dental offices use the same templates and photos for designing their websites. These practices often use the same templates for all clients and a marketing company to do so. 

This means that if you visit the websites of all the clients represented by the marketing company, you will notice similarities.  If your dental advertisement is identical to everyone else’s, you cannot be distinguished from the rest. 

You can make your practice stand out by creating a custom design that reflects the uniqueness of your approach. Your website will stand out and help build trust.

Click-to-Call Function

88% of those who use their mobile devices to find local businesses call or visit them within 24 hours. This includes those who use mobile devices to search for dentists. 

Your chances of receiving phone calls from your visitors will increase if you have a click-to-call feature on your website. To make a call, people need to touch the number. 

This is much simpler than entering the numbers or performing a second Google search. To increase your call volume, you can include a click-to-call to call a function on your website.

Responsive web design

In 2016, mobile usage surpassed desktop usage. With each passing year, more people are switching to mobile internet over their desktops. 

The number reached 54.8 per cent in the first quarter of 2021. Many dental practices aren’t keeping up with this trend. Too many websites are designed for desktops. These sites don’t display correctly on mobile devices when people visit them from desktops.

Other dental offices have also created dental web designs for desktop and mobile users. Two websites can confuse and damage your search engine optimization campaign (SEO). 

Create a dental clinic website design that displays correctly on both desktop and mobile devices. No matter what device is used to access the site, the user will have the best experience.

Chat with a live person 24/7

Live chat is one of the most popular features on a website. Fifty-one percent believe that businesses should be accessible at all times, while 92 percent feel satisfied when they chat with companies via live chat. 

Live chat can be integrated into your website design to answer customer questions, collect information, and schedule appointments. This is a great way to get leads and fill your calendar with appointments. 

This also allows you to free up your phone lines so that your staff can respond to emergencies. Get in touch with us to learn more about our live chat service that is available 24/7 and how easy it is to start.

Educational Videos

Many people visit your website to find out more information before making an appointment. Your dental marketing company can include educational videos that will help you showcase your practice and explain the different procedures to patients. 

Dentist advert will then gather all the information needed and make an appointment. The videos can be viewed as a way of warming up leads and then converting them into patients. 

These videos address many of the concerns and questions patients may have. You’ll also save time as you can educate your patients online.

Online Reviews

90% of internet users look at online reviews before making a purchase decision. Some dental practices do not highlight reviews on their websites. 

It is possible to allow patients to review your site or import reviews from Yelp. You can then create a page with reviews or sprinkle them throughout your pages. 

The inspections should stand out and be easy to find. It is easy to fill appointments by adding reviews to your website.

GPS Directions to Your Practice

Many people will visit your website and want to know where you are located. Is it easy to find your practice? Your website design should include a map of the course. 

They can view the map from their home and find directions. They’ll then be able to see if the office is near their home.

Accepting New Patients

Many people call dental offices to make an appointment. However, the practice doesn’t accept new patients at this time. 

This frustrates patients, so some people call dental offices only if they can schedule an appointment. If your practice accepts new patients, you should include “Accepting New Patient” on your website.

Trust Signals

Trust signals are also necessary for your website. These signals increase trust and conversion rates. 

Trust signals include memberships in dental associations, the use of dental products, and the education and training of dentists. Visitors can miss these trust signals, and they may leave the site to search elsewhere.

SEO for Dentists

You used to rely on word-of-mouth advertising to promote your dental practice. It was clear that providing excellent service to patients was sufficient to make people know that you are a trusted dentist. 

Although you might have also added your Yellow Pages listing, that was it. However, times have changed. Today, 90% of consumers use Google search engines to locate local businesses.

This includes dental practices. SEO for dentists will allow you to reach these new patients online.

What Is SEO For Dentists?

The higher the website ranks in search engine results, the better your dental SEO  strategy. To get organic traffic (free), you want to appear on the first page in Google’s search results. 

The number of clicks that you receive depends on your position. 70% of searchers click the first page results. Every page of a website designed for dentists must have a call-to-action (CTA). 

The CTAs you choose will vary depending on the page, but they might include telling people to call to schedule an appointment or enter their details to get a free download. CTAs must be clear and concise so that you can get leads and new patients.

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