Types of Packaging: Discover the Best Packaging

Type of packaging

Nothing is more important than being immediately identifiable in a highly competitive market. Your brand must appear to be the perfect match for the people you created to attract. Making sure that your packaging design is perfect is the easiest way to do this, and the first step in this path is to choose from the seven main types of packaging.

When it comes to branding packaging, brand recognition is based on the type of packaging you choose and the style you choose to wear. Take a look at it this way: Starbucks cups are instantly recognized almost everywhere, and many people can remember the container or a jar of Heinz beans from a mile away. When you look at a blue Tiffany box, you instantly recognize what’s inside.

When setting your brand image, take the time to identify the types of packaging that best fit your brand and which of the various options is the most effective. You can always put the product in the generic box and the bag. However, if you can’t be generic, you should. Check out the various packaging options available to you.

Choosing the Correct Type of Packaging

Obviously, it is not possible to store liquids in a cardboard box (obviously.) If you are trying to find the best packaging to protect your item, you need to consider several factors, such as:

The fragility of your product is essential. Does it need to be protected from bumps and falls?

The shelf life of your product. Are you able to determine if it is a perishable food or beverage that should be kept?

How many items come in a package, and a can of dry roasted peanuts requires a different packaging method than a single cake.

What is the weight of your product? When you ship it, you pay by weight. Selecting a heavier package for a product that is already heavy could mean paying for shipping.

There is a hierarchy to be found for the different types of packaging.

The Reasons to Beautify Your Custom Perfume Boxes With fresh ideas?

Outer Packaging

The most vital part of the package is usually made of rigid boxes that protect (sometimes several) products from scratches and bumps.

Inner Packaging

The inner packaging adds another layer to protect against any bumps. Imagine the tissue paper in this box and the packaging that protects fragile items during transport.

Product Packaging

As you can probably imagine, the packaging is the closest and dearest to each product. This is your favorite box of chocolates or the protective foil you remove from your smartphone’s new screen. Learn more about product packaging to understand the details of creating great packaging.

Look at how other brands offering the same type of products pack their items. You don’t need the packaging of your item like everyone else, but it’s generally a great idea to look at what works with other brands similar to the ones you own … for certain products, one type of packaging is suitable. In other cases, there is the possibility of playing with the packaging and even undermining your expectations, for example, such as packing a pair of gardening gloves in a reused screw container or selling dried beans in cans.

See the different types of packaging available. Many products use various packaging, such as paper and boxes or a bottle with an engraved label. Think about how different types of packaging are used with each other and use them to highlight the uniqueness of your product.

Product Packaging

Types of Packaging


When we refer to boxes, we are not just referring to the typical rectangular cardboard box; we are talking about all kinds of boxes and even boxes that are not square or cardboard. Metal boxes are essentially boxes, if you are looking for a container that is close with rigid walls to protect the contents from damage, you must have a box.

Boxes are among the most popular types of packaging because they are convenient and easy to use. Do you want your packaging to look good on the shelves or even on the floor? Put it in the box with a uniform bottom and stabilizing corners. Do you need packaging that is easy to stack in an even larger box or even in a shipping container? The boxes are easy to stack, and you can put almost anything you want in the box.


When it comes to design, boxes can also be easy to create. There is flat, durable surfaces ideal for printing logos and other designs.

Remember how I said the boxes shouldn’t be rectangular? A distinctive box could be an excellent way to make your packaging the focal point of your brand image. When your item is offer in retail stores, the box must often be the first item that potential buyers will see.

When creating boxes, consider how the buyer sees the box. What will be the first sight they will have? One of the sides of the box that is expose on the shelves of a store or the outside of the box when I take it out of a larger box?

Suppose you are a company design for children or cats. In that case, you can add an extra “wow” factor to your packaging by printing a cute illustration on the boxes, encouraging parents to turn the containers into toys.

If your products are aim at cats and their families, this could mean printing an image that makes the box look like an old castle or cottage with a drawbridge to allow cats to enter and exit. If it’s a baby product, it could be shape that are cut and put together to create gliders or boxes that can be turn into a container that can be fold and made to create a real dollhouse. Explore beyond the box!

Vacuum Packaging

When people hear the “vacuum packing,” they imagine the food on the plane, and maybe it’s my perception. Aircraft food is usually pack in vacuum-pack packaging. However, many other items, such as cosmetics and skincare items, snack boxes, and pallets of canned or bottle items, are also package similarly.

Unlike other forms of packaging, such as boxes and bags, the packaging is apply by machine and usually heat-seal and vacuum-seal around the article to reduce the risk of contamination. There is a variety of watertight packaging, and Are discuss in this post about the different types that are use for packaging.


Bottles are an excellent choice for your product, liquid, lotion or supplement, or even genius (I’m kidding with the final one).

This Bottles are available in different sizes and shapes and differ in the types of liquids they hold. There are plastic bottles that can be use as single-use for soda and spring water. At the other end of the spectrum, you can find engraved and embossed bottles that are art as they are. Any bottle, disposable or collectible, will benefit from an intelligent design.

If you are labeling a bottle, consider how the bottles are form. Based on your budget and goals, you can design bottles that have a custom shape, or you could choose to use a generic bottle. A “glass-shaped” glass will not affect your brand image; however, a custom shape could increase the ante.

The design of the bottles is usually more than just creating an attractive label. If you opt for a custom route, you’ll need to decide on the best type of closure for your company’s brand, whether it’s a screw or a cork, or even a swing-top.

Bottle Packaging

Creating your own Custom 10ml Bottle Boxes


If the product you are selling is liquid and you do not want to keep the product in bottles, then a can is the only alternative. If your product is not liquid, the box is an option. But it is not always the best choice.

When you design a can, you will face one of the most challenging problems, the shape. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tall or shorter one, a thin, cylindrical, or thick soup can with a wide mouth; it’s essential to think about the curves in your head. We talked about box design and the different printing options available in a recent article on craft beer branding.

Although most cans are round, not all are. Some boxes are flat with a pull-out lid, like the canned sardines shown in the picture below. The design process for these boxes is more like creating a box of boxes instead of a cylindrical box because you are designing a one-way label.

His closest relative is the canister. It is common to find containers that contain dry items such as nuts, vitamins, supplements, and coffee beans – everything should be kept fresh. A container the shape of a container is circular, so you need to design your models with this shape in your head. However, unlike the box, the container is reusable, mainly if it is use for items such as bulk tea.

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